"Sally inspires creativity when working together. Her questions have a way of drilling down to the core of what you are trying to communicate and market. Her ability to understand organizational culture and incorporate that in to her work with her clients makes Sally a highly valuable consultant in a short amount of time."

- Julie Guidry, Executive Director of Upstream Arts

"Sally is adept at listening and identifying each person's specific strengths and comfort zones and adapting her coaching style and plan to support each person's needs. She makes you feel very comfortable. - Nickelodeon Executive
Love Sally's flexibility and ability to work with our different styles. Also love her straight-forward approach and willingness to tell it like she sees it." 

- Nickelodeon Executive

"Sally was excellent at creating a calm confident environment to teach me the dynamics of public speaking. Instilling confidence while artfully guiding me away from my bad ideas, increasing my self awareness to embrace my presentation gaps. The combination of her never wavering on the goal and remaining focused on her student resulted in a terrific presentation. Terrific in that in my first public speaking venture I received multiple invitations to speak at future events. Sharing my secret weapon, I highly recommend Sally."

- Tony Misura, President of the Misura Group

"I've hired Sally multiple times to help my team and me develop and perfect important presentations and I would, without a doubt recommend her work! She has great feedback in all aspects of presentation development - from concepting the deck at the initial outline phase to perfecting final delivery. She has creative ideas that help presentations come together cohesively and works expertly with presenters of all skill levels. She tailors her comments and suggestions to each individuals' needs and works well with all personalities - plus she's just fun to work with! If you're looking for a presentation consultant to help perfect your presentations, look no further than Sally."

- Nickelodeon Executive

"Sally is THE consummate pro in both word and deed. A pure joy to know and work alongside. I highly recommend her services for anyone who wishes to put their best foot forward."

- coaching client

"Sally offers what a coach does best - raising the lid of current performance. This comes through in all the steps of the process. I've trained feedback groups in two organizations/churches now and out of those 20 people, only one saw what Sally did and he is now with another organization. She found my blind spots and pushed me to address them. 

I think there's real value here. By applying what Sally showed me, I think there will be a tangible difference in the quality of my presentation and the engagement I have with my audience. 

Sally loves speakers. She oozes empathy for the speaker and passion for the craft. She tells the truth in love and empowers her speakers with the belief they can grow. I finished my video excited to start prepping my next talk. 

I feel loved. That’s what happened at the end of the video. Those 3 words. Sally loves me. I’ve never met you! And I felt that."

- Scott Savage, Pastor

"This is amazing! I am so glad that you have afforded me the opportunity to learn from you. Your feedback is invaluable. I have watched your video, and am humbled by the amount of time that have invested into helping me out. You are the best!  

Your points of emphasis are spot on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Mike Hamilton, Executive Director of Relentless

"One word for Sally's coaching: Transformative!" 

- Aimee Guidera, CEO of the Data Quality Campaign

"We totally up-leved my keynote/signature talk. Got me to take a bolder stance with how I describe my work --- make explicit what I take for granted. You were a fantastic listener. Loved your balance of being able to hold a big container for my expansive work, while then focusing me on the practical ways to advance things forward. Got me to start thinking more about the flow of a signature talk as more of a performative act --- while maintaining authenticity. Also got me to really appreciate the value of a red thread or theme that carries through, and make sure my talks have it.  

Sally totally up-leved my keynote/signature talk. She is a fantastic listener - holding a big container for my expansive work while focusing me in on the practical ways to advance my skills. My keynote became more dynamic, while maintaining my authenticity. Sally is fantastic. This is super high-impact work."  

- Michael Margolis, CEO of Get Storied

"You were not only informed and experienced, but also warm, genuine and open. Those qualities promote trust, and that promotes learning. I've had so many people say "'wow - that was so different than any other talk you've given!" And I didn't feel nervous, rushed, uncomfortabe - for a change!

Having the focused time, timeline, structure feedback - it was delicious to focus so much time and effort on this!"

- Aimee Guidera, CEO of the Data Quality Campaign

"You are a gifted coach - so supportive, warm and yet firm in feedback, timelines, what needs to happen."

- coaching client

"Sally made me at ease as we worked together. I do a fair amount of public speaking, but I brought her in to help with my comments for our major fundraising breakfast. This is the most intimidating thing I do all year! She has great insights on what works with an audience.

Digging in - emotionally, message, content, delivery...all of it. She is fearless in her approach.

The work of speaking, when done right, is transformative for the speaker. It is soul work. It is, if this is not being too bold, spiritual work. Sally plays the role of facilitator in that process."

- Tony Loyd, TEDx speaker, host of Social Entrepreneur Podcast

"Sally quickly built rapport with our varied audience. She was keen in acknowledging their anxiety toward public speaking and carefully guided them to practical tips and techniques. She enabled them to have the courage experience public speaking (to "give it a try") as opposed to simply imparting knowledge."

- workshop client

"She made a difficult topic was made fun and interesting. There were a lot of tips and recommendations that led up to an actual practice exercise.

I loved all of it. very engaging!"

-workshop attendee

"It was very clear to participants that Sally cared for them and she held their anxiety, concerns and hopes with great respect."

- workshop attendee

"Great job and I would recommend you to anyone looking to speak in front of groups. I wasn't excited about the topic of training this month but you were able to make it pretty painless. Thank you!"

- workshop attendee

"One of the best instructional meetings I have been to in a long time."

- workshop attendee

Thank you for inspiring me.

- Steve Cavin

"Warm, insightful, inspiring. You rock!"

"I love your humor and playfulness! It's one of my very favorite things about the show... Brava!"

- Jeffrey Davidson, Speaker and loyal listener

"Thank you for such an inspiring program! Love, love the show!"

- Lea Pica, Speaker and host of Present Beyond Measure podcast