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5 Ways to Make More Time for Your Talks

n the past week:

  • I was rushing off to emcee an event, scrambling to gather my notes IN THE CAR, ON THE WAY TO THE EVENT.

  • One of my clients, so busy with other (also) important meetings, ended up giving 5 hours prep to a presentation that normally gets much more.

  • After I shared my feeling of overwhelm, someone suggested I check out Oprah and Deepok’s meditation on Time. Great idea… but you know what?  I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO LISTEN TO IT.

Ha. (And, also: not ha.)

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156: MMM - Top 5 Takeaways from the Presentation Summit 2017

Ah, the Presentation Summit!

I've had the most exciting September… last week I shared about the top 10 essential speaking lessons from the STORY Gathering in Nashville – and I went straight from Nashville to Tampa. I was met with gorgeous beaches and weather. Not bad for a work trip. 

But here's the deal: I wasn't sure I was going to like this conference.

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155 MMM: 10 Important Speaking Lessons from STORY 2017

Last week I had the great privilege of being a part of STORY Gathering 2017 – a gathering of creatives from a wide breadth of industries, brought together by one thing: story.

I attended last year – and it was two days jam-packed with inspiration. Powerful speakers, moving music, thoughtful breakouts – and so. many. amazing. people. I was jazzed! From there, I got to interview a few of those amazing people on my show, including Brad MontagueJason Jaggard, and Harris III.

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5 Must-Read Articles on our Beloved TED Talks

TED (and his talks). Do you love him as much as I do? (Don't tell my hubby.)

  • I got word that I'm giving a TEDx talk in October. I'm thrilled!

  • Last week I was helping a client refine his old TEDx talk, and turn it into new content. So fun!

  • I'm working with a new client who's giving his 2nd TEDx talk soon... exciting!

  • And, tickets are selling fast to the TEDx in my community that's just a few short weeks away. Aw yeah.

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The Mindset Myths of a Speaker: Part One

It’s often helpful to assume the audience will love you… now, this isn’t always true, of course – and nobody is loved by everybody, and if you are, that’s probably a little suspect cause it’s ok to piss people off sometimes (I have to tell myself all of this too) – but on the whole – one of my speaking truths is that audiences are generous with speakers – if we are generous with them. Instead of focusing on the few people in the back who can’t ge their heads of out their phones – head out there ready to share YOU… what you – and just YOU – have to offer! 

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152: Harris III - On Creating a Magical Experience for Your Audience

Harris III – magician, producer, creative guru – and the man behind the now practically infamous STORY Gathering that I continually rave about here on the show. Yes, that's right – I went straight to the source to hear about how it all came to life – and how to create something both uncommon and universally moving – a challenging feat.

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147: MMM - Speaking Truth #6: Audiences are Generous (if you are generous with them)

Welcome to the Speaking Truths series!

Regardless of how capable or skilled or experienced or savvy we are, too many of us struggle to fully embrace the power and importance of sharing our voice.

We need to stand up – speak up – grounded in our authentic and courageous and clear voice. Even in that business meeting. Even in that workshop you've done a zillion times. Especially in that TED talk.

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