If You're a Change-Maker, You're a Speaker


``I speak... but I'm not really a speaker.``

I spend a big amount of time working with clients who "speak" but who don't consider themselves "speakers," per se. It usually goes like this

Me: "When I work with speakers like you - "Client:  - "Well, I'm not really a speaker!" - Sally: "Ok... Are you going to speak about _____ next week?" Client: "Yes." Sally: "Then you're a speaker."

In the 15+ years I've been in this business, the far majority of my work and time goes into people who have found themselves somehow on stage. People are asking to hear from them. Or their cause has propelled them forward. Or they realize that it's probably an opportunity they can't pass up... And they are not always sure what to do with that moment.

I think we'd all be better off if we accepted the wide meaning of "speaker" and instead use it to describe the activity that we are participating in.

We might move faster to our own authentic voices.

"Here's the deal: if you want to create change - SPEAK."

Because, really, what kind of speaker doesn't want to create some kind of change?... not one I really care to listen to.

You can't lead without speaking.

You can't speak (well) without leading.

And you can't create change without leading.

So you must speak if you want to make an impact on this world, and change what you see needs changing.

"So if YOU'RE a change-maker...and I know you are!..."]

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