188: What is an origin story?

On this week's episode of This Moved Me, neuroscientist Carmen Simon shares her tips for speakers to help them create talks that audiences remember.

I want to talk about Origin stories. 

I’m going to be sharing a course over on Movers-U on how to develop and own a powerful and authentic origin story in October… so excited about it. And so I’ll be - starting today - a series about our Origin Stories - to prepare for it. 

So before I dive into some ideas around the challenges and importance of doing this - and walk you through some critical steps in terms of HOW to do it… 

I wanted to spend the show today talking about WHAT IT IS. 

What is an origin story? 

Your origin story is - simply put - is the story of where an idea originated. Where it all began. 

It’s the moment of your AHA. The moment where you REALIZED something. The moment where you started on the path of where you are now… 

You might have multiple origin stories for different aspects of your idea.

You might be advocating for something based on your own experience - and then the origin story is really clear and obvious. 

But for many of us, we have to dig into our past - reflect a bit - and find those SPECIFIC MOMENTS that walked us to where we are now. 

Many people struggle with identifying the story… It’s an IDEA, not a STORY, they say…. but the truth is that your big idea… ALL IDEAS… are born in a story. Something happened to make something happen. That’s a story! 

And our job as speakers is to create a story around that. (Not fabricate one - but to find and cultivate the significance and meaning in those moments. 

Because though an origin story is about YOU - it’s not ABOUT you. (See the difference?) It can’t be. It’s the first step in bringing other people into your idea. And it’s so so so so important. 

I always start with the origin story. Always. And it’s amazing how challenging it can be for idea-people to speak in story. Which is actually what next week’s show is all about… 

For now - My challenge and hope for you is to think about what your origin stories are around your idea… and begin to build that repertoire. If you don’t yet have a STORY book where you write down all your story ideas… that is a must-do! 

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Let’s do this!

THANKS AGAIN for all of your enthusiasm and excitement… as always, I’m so grateful to be on your speaking journey with you…