124: Vikas Narula - On Speaking and Influence


Vikas Narula – an entrepreneur, influencer, and owner of Keyhubs. He has perspectives on life that helps others see things that are most important. We talked about how speakers can overcome the disconnect between themselves and their audience by understanding the power of influence and connection. We shared our thoughts on the importance of creative expression and the core concepts that transform speakers to influencers. Vikas, thank you for sharing such compelling and optimistic insights!  

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  • Vikas' journey to being an entrepreneur
  • What influence really means
  • Becoming impactful speakers who connect with people
  • Factors that lead to a major shift in human interactions



Sally talked about a video that was made to increase awareness about harassment of women in sports. In the video, guys read real tweets made about female sports reporters to their face. They quickly realize that they're not reading just any tweets, but harassment. It may be uncomfortable and shocking, but also very moving and thought-provoking. As awkward as it may be, the video has sparked a conversation about online harassment. So we're moved by it, but now what? How do we respond to such things in our own circle of influence?



Vikas talked about a transformative workshop put on by Pathways Institute. The facilitator, Carole Kammen takes people on a journey to self-discovery, enabling them to open up more to themselves and to each other. Vikas has attended it three times, and each time he has come back deeply moved by it.