Top 5 This Moved Me Episodes of 2017


It's nearly 2018 - and as is the standard at this time of year, 2017 wouldn't be complete without a summary post with some kind of top 10 (ok, let's just do top 5) list on it. I sometimes rail against top 10 lists! But (I have to admit) I kind of like them. They offer quick insight and give us a chance to step back and review some of the big moments of the year. (They are NOT great coaching tools; but they're great summary tools!)

And it was a big year. I gave a TEDx talk. I got to attend and speak at The STORY Gathering and the Presentation Summit, meeting some amazing people whose voices I'll be bringing you throughout the year. I have coached incredible people from around the country, helping them share their voices and make an indelible impact. For all of these reasons, I'm incredibly proud and happy about how 2017 has gone.

But on the podcast? Well.... Not so much on the podcast. I want to be honest with you: in previous years I wouldn't have gone two weeks without publishing a podcast. But this past year I intentionally started working more on my business. It worked! I just couldn't keep up. That is not easy for me to admit, but it turns out you really can't do it all. Ha.

Looking back, it wasn't a highlight year for my consistency: I published only 1-2x a month, on average. (Oh dear.) But, I am really proud of what I did publish! I got to talk to some incredible people who brought to you some brilliant insights and ideas around moving our audiences more authentically, more courageously, and more creatively.

And even more importantly - I've got a SLEW of amazing people I'm excited to share with you (more consistently!) in 2018! Stay tuned.

But for today - in light of 2017 - I give you 5 of the best moments of 2017 on This Moved Me!

Top 5 Episodes From This Moved Me, 2017

#5: Jason Jaggard - On The Mindset of a Creative Leader


Jason! I got to meet Jason last year at the STORY Gathering, had him on the show last January, and then got to connect again this year. Here's what I can tell you about Jason: his mindset shifts MOVED ME. They have stuck with me. That's a speaker you want to listen to.

Takeaways for us as speakers: 

We have to take creative risks.

We underestimate ourselves, and it means we do work that lacks impact.

We have to be willing to be thought of negatively.


#4: Jason Freeman - On Owning Your Voice

Jason Freeman was suggested to me by a listener, and I am sooo grateful. I was so inspired and moved by Jason's story - and his willingness to dive in with me. He is a courageous soul who bravely owns his unique voice, and inspires us to do the same.

Takeaways for us as speakers:

Bravery and speaking go hand in hand.

Our imperfections are the things that connect us with each other.

#3: Speaking Truths Series

Over the last decade or so, I've been developing my unique approach as a coach. Although I've been coaching for nearly two decades, it hasn't been until recently where I could articulate what made me different as a coach. So it was really fun to put it into words, and share it as a podcast series: The 7 Speaking Truths. My Mantras that I hope guide my work - and yours! Enjoy!

Takeaways for us as speakers:

Speaking brings us to the truth of ourselves.

Perfection kills connection.

Stories are the Pathway to Empathy... and more.


#2: Stephy Lewis: On the Good, Bad and Ugly of Presentation Design

Stephy is one of the many amazing people from the Presentation Guild working hard to establish the Presentation Profession as exactly that: a profession. And then we got to meet in person at the Presentation Summit! SO. FUN. And brilliant.

See you all there in 2018?

Takeaways for us as speakers:

Design is storytelling.

Collaboration between design and performance is essential.

We cannot create in a vacuum.


#1: Brad Montague - On Creativity With a Purpose

Brad Montague - the creator of Kid President, speaker, creative guru, and leader of a rebellious movement of JOY! If you've ever seen Brad speak - or seen any of he and his wife's work at the Montague Workshop - then you know what I'm talking about. They are doing good work for the world.

Such good work, actually, that after seeing Brad speak I held him up as one of my quintessential "un-speakers" in my TEDx talk this past fall.

Takeaways for us as speakers: 

It's not really about us.

Purpose and intention create magic in our creative work.

The world needs our art.