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192: On Knowing When Your Story Needs to be Told

How do you know when one of your stories is ready to be told? Sometimes, we avoid telling a story that needs to be told… and sometimes, we tell stories that aren’t ready to be told yet. Do you know the difference?

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191: On The Problem with Credibility

Guess what? You probably have a credibility problem. But not THAT credibility problem. For most of us, the idea of our credibility is getting in the way of us sharing stories that are real, that resonate - and that connect. And if we want to connect… then we better not let the idea of credibility keep us from sharing what’s real!

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190: On Making Your Story Matter to Others

When we tell our specific stories, the ultimate goal is to connect those stories to our varied audience members - even if they’re totally different from us. Is it possible? You bet it is! Listen to this episode to learn why and how we can take our specific stories and make them matter more to others.

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