137: Ryan Hildebrandt - On Landing a TED Talk


Ryan Hildebrandt –  a TEDx founder, creator, podcaster, traveler and a total adventure seeker. I love that he has a zeal for learning and creating new things. As someone who has founded and organized several TEDx events, he has reviewed numerous applications. He knows what works and doesn't work. Many speakers dream of giving a TED talk, but a lot of them don't know what makes an effective speaker application, or if their idea really is strong enough. Ryan talks about all these things and more!



On the show, we talked about:

  • Ryan's journey to becoming a creator and a TEDx event organizer
  • The importance of being mission-driven
  • About the TEDx speaker selection process
  • How do you know if your idea is strong enough?
  • Tips on how to sell your idea to TED organizers
  • On testing your pitch

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I talked about my experience recording a podcast interview with Jason, a professional speaker who has a speech impediment. You'll get to hear it soon! It was evident that he truly values what he does and is deeply moved by the experience of being a speaker. What's powerful about this is that all that passion and depth translate to his audience as well.


Ryan talked about a day when he shut himself from everything to focus on himself. After two hours of no external stimulation, he arrived at some observations and conclusions about fear. The things that we fear, including challenges in life, are opportunities to be courageous. That's a great way to approach fear, and it's great wisdom for speakers in particular!