Presentation Gifts to Fuel Your Creativity and Content


On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Presentation Gifts!

It's T-12 Days (ok, it's 10… ) until Christmas, and if you're anything like me, this is a great time to take stock of the past year, and think about the year ahead.

And this past year, I've come across some amazing creativity and every-day tools that have helped me fuel my content and delivery. So, if you're looking for something to give a speaker (and hey, maybe you want to just forward this to a friend of loved one? – I know, super subtle!), or even if you want to gift yourself (you deserve it)…

Check out this list of presentation gifts that will fuel your creativity and content!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

#1: Logitech Spotlight Remote


I got a chance to see the Logitech Spotlight Remote in action at the Presentation Summit last September, and it’s coooool. It feels so good in your hand (even if it’s not as ergonomically created as some of the other Logitech remotes… I think I like the feel of it because it feels like my apple tv remote?)… The coolest part is the spotlight function, which is a big step up from the annoying red dot. (Who uses that anyway?) And, you can interact with the screen, click links, etc. It’s cool.

#2: The Storyclock Notebook


I was introduced to the Storyclock Notebook at the STORY Gathering last September, and it’s a brilliant tool to help you develop your stories. It was initially created for screen writers, but anybody who needs to think through a beginning, middle and end will find this useful. Plus, it’s got a slew of storytelling resources attached. Check it out.

#3: Presentation Guild Membership

This should be on everyone’s list! The Presentation Guild is an amazing group of people who are working really hard to up-level the presentation profession. It’s a wide-array of professionals – from designers, to coaches, to speakers. The Guild is full of resources, monthly webinars, and forums… And, for a profession that can feel incredibly isolating, this is an amazing group to be connected with.

#4: Big Magic & The Art of Possibility


There are two books that I recommend to my speakers. Big Magic, by Liz Gilbert – and The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. They have almost nothing to do with the technical side of speaking… and yet they are so closely tied to our success, they take my breath away. Both of these books are beautiful, thought provoking and inspiring. GO GET THEM.


#5: Draw Your Big Idea


I haven’t used this book, but I want to! It looks to me like Draw Your Big Idea will get the creative juices flowing… Doodling about the next big thing? Sounds like a dreamy way to spend an afternoon, especially as we’re thinking about what’s ahead in 2018.


#6: 75 Tools for Creative Thinking

This is a game! I love games! Well, 75 Tools for Creative Thinking is a brainstorming aid, not a game you might play with your friends on a Saturday night. (Well, you could… )

I like stuff like this to add some oomph to your next brainstorming session, or when I'm feeling stuck, or just to get the creative juices flowing when you sit down to work on your next talk.

#7: White Board Walls/Paint

My husband started creating these white board walls all over our house a few years ago. We’ve got one up by the kids’ rooms (reminders and checklists and quotes and encouragement), and a giant one down in my husband’s office (it’s like a Beautiful Mind down there), and I even took the paint version and painted my closet doors with it so I could write ideas on them (because my office is currently the same room as my closet… a post for another time). I like to write what I’m thinking and planning and keep it in front of me – and it’s been super helpful as I create new content.


#8: Encouragement Cards

I’m somebody who loves encouragement. I’m a 7 on the Enneagram, an ENFP, and Words of Affirmation are my Love Language. So, yeah – I like to give encouragement (and get it!). And, I think these Encouragement Cards would be awesome to have on-hand. For yourself. For a friend. To slip into your partner’s suitcase before they head off to do a big talk (hint-hint)….

Plus, I'm a believer that bringing our full selves to the “stage” is 80% mental. What we're thinking, what we say to ourselves, what we believe about the moment translates to the audience, and to our performance. So, these encouragement cards might seem fluffy – but they're not.



Oh my gosh, these Stattys are crazy-cool! My husband discovered them as he was working with teams through his company Leading Off the Cuff. They’re great for strategy sessions – and! and! – here’s what I’m really excited about: imagine taking all the elements of the talk you’re working on (stories, ideas, points you want to make, etc.) – and then slapping them up on the wall… and then moving them around… (“What if I started with THIS?… and then did this?… Or, let’s try moving THIS up to the top, and leaving THIS towards the end?…) So cool. Easy way to visually shift around your content and see how it flows together. Brilliant.

#10: Corkcicle Canteen


Two days before my TEDx talk, I felt a cold coming on. I ran to Walgreens and bought out the store in Zicam and Airborne and every other imaginable potential cure. But what seemed to soothe me the most was just plain old hot water, lemon and honey. The problem is, the water doesn’t stay hot for long… Enter these Corkcicle bottles! They keep things hot for HOURS. Which was amazing. To be able to seek out hot water at the ready? A speaker’s dream.

#11: Speak Wines


OH YOU GUYS, I was so excited when I discovered this little gem of a company! Speak Wines. Why? Cause I love wine, and I love encouragement (see above), and I love speaking (duh), and all three find themselves together on one bottle. Each bottle comes with a message. (You can even personalize them if you want.) So fun. So, just had to give them a shout-out – cause sometimes a glass of wine after a great talk is exactly what you need.



#12: This Inspirational Ebook

After just one year of hosting my podcast, This Moved Me – about the art moving our audiences, I was so wow'd by the insights and level of conversations I had had, and the people I had met, that I wanted to put together a book to highlight some of them. I think it's beautiful (designed by my talented friend Sarah G), and shared with you here with love.

Click on the image below to get a copy of this lovely e-book!

A gift from me to you.


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

And may the 12 (er, 10) days before Christmas be filled with all good things… which very well might include some of the above, but mostly: family, friends, joy, and peace.




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