121: MMM - How to Present Without a Technical Glitch


I don't know about you, but I'm not an especially techy person. I've had to learn to muddle through because part-and-parcel to being a speaker is having some technical know-how, or you'll find yourself up a creek without a paddle. If you know what I mean.

How on earth do we present without a technical glitch?

I've been up that creek, and lost my paddle. I've even forgotten the paddle. And there have been times when I was floating down the wrong freaking river, unsure of where I was going.

Talking up in front... and the screen saver suddenly goes on.  WHOOPS.

Forget to shut down your email... BEEP.  Ugh.

Hey, a new Twitter follower~  BING! Bad timing, Twitter follower.

The remote stops working (dead batteries, anyone?).

The video is playing slowly because you realized it's pulling from the web! DARN.

The volume is set wrong.

You forgot the right attachment.

You are a Mac user, and forgot to let them know.

.... I could keep going...

There are so many opportunities for whoopsies when it comes to setting up our computers for a smooth technical presentation. Whether you're sitting in the sound booth during an event, or up in front going solo in front of a meeting - struggling with the technical aspects of your set-up (and having it show itself during your talk) gives the impression that you don't know what you're doing. (And maybe you don't.) But more likely, we're busy and forget how integrated and technical our lives have become. There is now, more than ever, a lot to think about, shut down, and prepare. (And on that point, I'm not just talking about our computers.)

"There is now, more than ever, a lot to think about, shut down, and prepare."

It's essential that our audience remain naive to all the technical intricacies that happen behind the scenes. We want them tuned in to this moment - right here. And when an unexpected BEEP or BING or glitch happens - they are pulled out of the moment, and the flow and mood you're trying to create is gonzo.

Lucky for me, I'm married to a techy guy who LOVES this stuff.

Andy's just recently launched his OWN COMPANY (holy cow, we're crazy!) - and I'm so excited for him.

I'm also excited for us, because together we've got some exciting things planned. More on all that soon.

But let me just say this: Andy knows his stuff. He's techy and one of those "early adapter" guys and totally into GTD (if you know what that is, then good on you), and he gets sH*t done! He's the most productive human I know. It can be nauseating and irritating at times, because he also gets a ton of stuff done, all while also NOT being ruled by his to do list. He is intentional. He is thoughtful. He carves out time for the stuff that matters.

I, on the other hand, run around like a chicken with my head cut off. Which is why he's so darn useful to have around.

And when I get into a technical bind, Andy's the one who typically bails me out.

The good news is he helps me. The bad news is I've become dependent on him to solve all my technical glitches.

So, I had him write up a little cheat sheet for me.  (I am a mac-user.... so this is for Mac-Users!)

The next time you're setting up for your presentation -here's how you can avoid that technical glitch:

[PC people! - Do you want one of these? Let me know, I'll create one for you.]