A Pep Talk For You


*Taken from an actual pep talk with actual lovely clients who were actually heading off to do a talk without having gotten our full rehearsal in. A pep talk was called for! Thought you might appreciate, because how often are we heading off to give a talk and haven't done as much as we would have liked?  (Yeah, me too.)


Off you go!

And without a full rehearsal with all of us.

I'm not remotely panicked, and I hope you feel the same.  You know why?

You guys are now pros. You know the drill; you've experienced your share of bumps (which is totally part of the deal and essential to get to pro status); you have found your voices and know your own challenges and strengths.

I used to believe that 50% of speaking was mental. I'm now fairly convinced it's more like 80%. Which might make you wonder why we spend so much time preparing. Except that's EXACTLY why we spend so much time preparing. So that you can walk into tomorrow without having a full run-through and know that you've put in your time.

  • Your guests might arrive late... or early.
  • The slides might start acting funky and corrupt, like they do sometimes.
  • Someone might get sick, and the rest of you will have to change everything up to accommodate them.

Chances are at least one of these will happen.

And you guys can totally handle it.

I'm always excited to hear how it goes - and that's especially true knowing that this time, above all others, is about you standing on your own experience and everything you've learned over the past four years (four years?! whoa).

So you've got this!

Have a blast.

My best,