106: Mini Moved Me - On Breaking Down the 4th Wall


]In the last few weeks I've had a slew of "audience"-related moments:

  1. Participating in the Listen To Your Mother show - and watching audience impact and dance with the speakers! So amazing.
  2. Inspired by that, I created THIS Mini Moved Me about breaking through the 4th wall that you'll get to hear today...
  3. And then I got to BE in the audience while Rob Bell broke through that wall...
  4. So I wrote a bit (here, here, here and here) about how he did that!
  5. And now I'm actually sharing that Mini Moved Me that I created...

It's all in one full circle of audience-related love!!!

So today's Mini Moved Me is all about two very simple ways you can break through that 4th wall and set a tone of connection with your audience.


  1. Seek out the people in your audience who can bring the rest with them - and then share something together. For me, for years, it was finding the 7th grade boys who know how to do the worm. They do the worm, we cheer them on, and now we're buddies. Now we have a common connection.
  2. And secondly, make sure you get out from the front table and make it your deal to get really curious about the people in the room. Get their advice, find out who they are and what they're thinking. (You will know based on more than just what they say, btw. Their body language will say it all.)

Two easy things. I've got a bunch more strategies - but this is supposed to be a "mini" moved me, so we'll have to say them for later.


And of course, you can check out the reminders I got from the Rob Bell experience a few weeks ago: Space, Resonance, Wisdom, and Co-Creation.


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