006: Mo Perry - On Submitting Yourself

Mo Perry - x, Mo Perry has spent the last decade “submitting herself” for rejection - and sometimes success! On this episode, we talk about the courage and determination required for this line of work, and the importance of continuing to show up, day after day, to do the creative work in the hopes that something will come of it!

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Mo's Career Path -

After many years of work in theaters throughout the Twin Cities, she's in

The Heidi Chronicles at the Guthrie Theater

Submitting yourself:

9 out of 10 times the answer is no. Something comes along, but the gaps can be disorienting, and challenging. But it's part of the job!

On the connection between speaking and "performing"  -

The best speakers bring all the tools of a performance into their presentation. And one of the keys is bringing your authentic voice...

It takes trust and Confidence in order to put yourself out there.

So, what do you do to get in the right mental place?  

"It take a precarious mix of being prepared and being present....in the moment, the real job is to relax and let go."

On Being in the Moment:

It can be dangerous for actors to walk into a scene with expectations. Each audience brings their own set of expectations and respond differently.

Mo as Writer: 

Writing is a creative and generative outlet, where Mo can take what's on her mind and explore it.

So how do you maintain your self-confidence in the midst of rejection?

Connect with other artists who are going through the same thing. Reminding yourself that it's the nature of what you've signed up for. And holding on to the good days!



Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk, Your Elusive Creative Genius. The freedom of realizing that sometimes the genius shows up, and sometimes she doesn't. Our job is to show up and do the work. Keep plugging away!


(BTW, this is one of my all-time favorite talks. ALL. TIME. Good choice, Mo!)


Snap Judgment's Live show - "Passion."  It is full of passion!  Highly entertaining and well done.