MMM 94: On the Speaker Mindset, Part One

Something that comes up time and time again in my coaching is the idea that this is an emotional journey as much as it is a skill journey. We can learn how to deliver better and differently; we can spend hours upon hours navigating and editing our content until it's lovely and perfect; we can make a killer and beautiful slide deck. But who are we when we step out on "stage"? Let me be clear: I am not a psychologist. Not even close. But I often help people with all the baggage that comes with us up on stage. And we do indeed bring all our baggage with us up on stage and into rehearsals! Fears, assumptions, myths, old adages and leftover 7th grade scars. Yay! It's all a part of us!

Aside from doing the hard work of dealing with all of that - some of which is beyond my scope as an armchair psychologist/presentation coach, of course -

Well, we can do our best to control the incredibly powerful thoughts that come into our minds.

I know this: a speaker needs a really strong internal voice.

(Shout-out to Stuart Smalley/The awesome and distinguished Senator from the great state of Minnesota - Al Franken!)


We laugh! - but Stuart was on to something.

Although I don't recommend you do the Stuart Smalley thing - what we say to ourselves can make a huge difference in how we perform. (True in more than just speaking, of course.)

I used to say that 50% of speaking was mental. After working with over a hundred speakers on hundreds of talks, I can tell you that it's more like 80%. It doesn't make the rest of the work null and void; our mental mindset can make the rest of our work actually work.

So, what are the key speaker mindsets we need to deliver a great talk?

I've identified three key speaker mindsets that are necessary for us to do this work - not only well, but to actually enjoy this work, too! And holy cow, that is so important!

So today - we start with the first mindset: "I can't wait to share this with them!"


#Speakers: "Speaking is 80% mental." Do you have the right frame of mind to be a great speaker?

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