130: MMM - New Year's Eve Round-Up 2016


Happy New Year! - and welcome to our 2nd annual New Year's Eve Round-Up, the 2016 edition! One of my favorite ways to end the year is to ask the simple question, "What's something that's moved you this year?"

This year I asked the question to my family as we gathered together at my parents' cabin in Wisconsin.  (They really had very little choice in the matter - thanks, Fam!) The responses varied - from the simple to the sweet to the sad and complicated. Another year in the books - and another chance to reflect.

2017. I have big hopes for you! Even though there's part of me that'd like to hang on to what I know (i.e., 2016) what I know is that 2016 has been a bumpy ride for many many of us on this planet. So, let's step into the new year with open hearts and courage and commitment to what's right - and a willingness to walk this walk together.

Here's to you - and here's to 2017!