129: Rebecca Surmont and Andy Garrison - On (Human) Performance


Today is a This Moved Me Mash-Up! I'm bringing together two performers who have lived out their talents in very different ways, but who share a connection to the field of persuasion and public speaking.

One is a mime turned entrepreneur who leads trainings on organizational and business development.

One is an actor turned coach who started a business training actors.

WHAT?! I know. So I thought it would be fun to bring these two together for our first-ever TMM Mash-up.

Meet Rebecca Surmont!


Rebecca has been in the field of performance - as an actor, mime, voice talent - training under some huge names for years. But in the last decade decided she also had a love for business. Now she works in a law firm, coaching and training the employees there - and finds there's a powerful connection between her training as an actor and mime and what it takes to succeed in business.

Meet Andy Garrison!

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Andy has extensive formal training in acting, voice and movement. He’s taught on the university level and has now had the Actor Training Studio consistently growing since 1998. An experienced professional, Andy has appeared on many area stages including the Missouri Repertory Theatre, The New Theatre, and The American Heartland Theatre. His acting work has also been seen on national television in films with Richard Thomas, Cheryl Ladd and Keith Carradine.