The Mindset Myths of a Speaker: Part One


BATTLE BACK THE MINDSET MYTHS: "What will they think of me?"

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Join me as we tackle 3 mindset myths that keep us from speaking with our full confidence, authenticity, and courage!


1 – I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE THIS WITH THEM! It’s often helpful to assume the audience will love you… now, this isn’t always true, of course – and nobody is loved by everybody, and if you are, that’s probably a little suspect cause it’s ok to piss people off sometimes (I have to tell myself all of this too) – but on the whole – one of my speaking truths is that audiences are generous with speakers – if we are generous with them. Instead of focusing on the few people in the back who can’t ge their heads of out their phones – head out there ready to share YOU… what you – and just YOU – have to offer! And if you’ve done your work, built content that helps you shine and reaches out into these people who are giving you some of their precious time… well, sometimes to shift our fear into excitement we have to change the words in our head.

“I can’t wait to share this with them!” is a much better balm for the soul than “Oh GOD, WHAT IF THEY HATE THIS?!” Try it. 

2 – THIS IS FOR THEM.  Turns out, it’s not about you! We spend so much time thinking about ourselves – but if we can zone in on the people in the audience – what they need, how you can help – it shifts the focus from you. And honestly – an audience can tell the difference between a speaker and leader who is there to hold themselves up – and those who are there to offer something to the audience.

We are just one little person. We are not that important – so lower the expectations just a tad and bring your energy and love to your AUDIENCE, and stop obsessing about yourself.  

3 – IT IS WHAT IT IS – SO HERE WE GOOOOO! One of the biggest tricks to successful public speaking is letting go. If you’ve done your work, it’s the only way this is possible. And something will go awry! – it’s live theater, of course!  – So you, might as well enjoy the adventure you’re about to leap into! If you can adopt an attitude of ADVENTURE, it will help you tremendously in these moments. You are going to mess up. That’s not a bad thing – in fact, in many instances – and if you can own it – it may just endear you to the audience. So go for it!



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