095: Michelle Mazur - On Being a Rebel Speaker


When I had the awesome Michelle Evans on the show a few weeks back, she suggested that I connect with Michelle Mazur, my guest on today’s show. The crazy thing is, I had JUST found Michelle organically and was already in the process of scheduling some time with her! I love this small world. Michelle is a “rebel speaker” and presentation coach – meaning that she bucks the trends that are worth bucking (something I always cheer on). Gotta love that. And, she has a passion for encouraging women speakers on the importance and value of the business side of speaking. She is passionate, savvy and though she takes the business of speaking seriously, she doesn't take herself too seriously - something I appreciate. Let me just point this out right now: Michelle has a Facebook group for speakers that I'm in, and that has been a wonderful way to connect with other speakers who are trying to turn their love of speaking into part of their business. Check it out!


"You don't have to share your dark, dirty secrets to connect with someone." @DrMichelleMazur on @ThisMovedMe

On the show, we talked about:

  • How Michelle was raised on "story" - and words of influence from heroes like MLK and JFK.
  • Michelle's rituals to help her get in the right mindset
  • What makes a speaker a "rebel" speaker - and why it's so important.

"I tend to buck the trends." @DrMichelleMazur on @ThisMovedMe #presentation #speaking #speakers




Oh, friends. My This Moved Me Moment today is totally pathetic, but oh well: I dropped my phone in the toilet. (I tell the story in too much detail on the show if you must hear it.) It moved me because it impacted me way more than a device - a thing! - should. But what I realized was that it has become a part of my LIFE. Crazy.



Her National Anthem performance at the Super Bowl was absolutely stunning. As Michelle said, "It was beautiful, pure... she made it meaningful again."