138: Jason Freeman - On Owning Your Voice


Jason Freeman - a writer, public-speaker and Bravery Coach. His love of self and openness are some of the many superpowers he has as a speaker. He talks a lot about how the self-imposed limitations in our minds may prevent us from creating extraordinary lives. Jason himself has had to overcome hurdles in his mind, including not allowing his speech impediment to prevent him from using his voice to share his message. It's such a pleasure and honor to know you, Jason!


On the show, we talked about:

  • The role that yoga plays in his life
  • Speaking as a practice of risk-taking
  • Jason's story about becoming a public speaker
  • On taking action to change the course of our story
  • Why he calls himself a bravery coach




I have totally fallen for the show The Good Place. Have you seen it? (After being compared to Shelley Long/Diane Chambers from Cheers most of my life, I think I have a connection with Ted Danson. :) )

This show brought me some light and joy during the dark month of January.




Jason talked about speaking at an event where the audience was a group of Chinese teachers and students. A student stood up and shared his story of how mentorship turned his life around. His story was one of overcoming hurdles and persevering through a dark time. Jason was inspired by his courage and decision to speak about something so personal.


Jason's website: http://jasonwfreeman.com/