Invite People Into Your Messy House

TMM Messy House
TMM Messy House

Last week I was working with a crew of wonderful people, prepping for a big event and presentation they were hosting. It was a fairly casual affair, but required many hours of prepping (like they do!).

One of the newer members of the team - and someone who hasn't worked with me as much - was thrown for a loop by my "stumble-through" concept. If you haven't heard me talk about what a "stumble-through" is, let me explain: it's the first time you put something up on its feet. It's bound to be rough - in fact, I WANT it to be rough so you're not cementing in your delivery and memorizing before you're ready. The whole point is to find the bumps, to run into the wall. It helps you figure out where you need to invest your time and energy. It gives us a baseline to work off of.

But, it's not fun. Even with the expectations of stumbling - of embracing the part of the process that requires struggle - it's a moment of courage for most people, and can feel incredibly vulnerable.

The newer member of the team turned to me as we were working together and said, "These stumble-throughs are like having a big party and then inviting everyone into your messy house hours before it starts. No one's supposed to see it yet."

Ha! Yes! That's EXACTLY right.

Stand up and stumble. Fall on your face, and start again. Stand up and say, "this is SOOO not ready for eyes, but I'm showing you anyway." You will learn so much. And it will make the party/presentation even better.

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