Holy is Where You Can Share Your Story

A few weeks back, I was at my friend Maggie's wedding at a quaint little church here in St. Paul.  One one side of the church there was a banner that said,  

"Holy is... "

And on the other side of the church was a banner that finished that sentence:

"...where you can share your story."

Lovely.  And true.

This past week felt pretty "holy" to me.  As I launched my podcast (yay!), I put something of mine out into the world. And it was scary (what will people think?), and fun (aw, people like it!).

Truth be told, "holy" came in many forms last week.  From:

"Holy cow! I'm in New and Noteworthy!"


"Holy moley! 150 people have listened today!"


"Holy S#$%^! The emails got all mixed up (again)!"  (Sorry about that.)

But the real holy part was that this little podcast was received, in any way.  That it found an audience - any audience.  Because as creatives - as performers and speakers - that is what we're aiming for. To find an audience to be the other half of our meaning-making.  To share our stories.

And not just mine - but three other fine folks, too:

Rita - who talked about story truth, and

Scott - who has mastered the confidence game (without being an ego-maniac), and

Elise - who brought her wit and whimsy into the conversation, talking about both "deadly" and "holy" theater.

Wednesday, I'll share Erin Walsh's conversation with you. Erin will talk about the marriage of art and science - and she is a walking example of that. She also, by the way, was afraid of public speaking - but now does it for a living - and likes it. Awesome!

So let me just say this: thank you!  It was a wild week. I felt overwhelmed and thrilled by the response to the podcast, and can't wait to share more. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions for me - I'd love to hear them!  If you have a guest in mind that I should talk to, let me know!  This journey is just beginning. Thanks for being with me for it... it feels quite holy that I'm not alone, and that I've been cheered on so enthusiastically.  You guys are great.


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