125: Harriet Turk - On Keeping it Real


Harriet Turk is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who has a wealth of experience working with teens and adults. Her strength lies in her desire to teach and speak from the heart. Harriet meets her audience on their level, thereby inspiring change. Speakers, this is a thought-provoking interview that you don't want to miss! Harriet, thank you for sharing your strength and knowledge with us. Your insights on making meaningful connections with the audience is remarkable.

On the show, we talked about:

  • Speaking and connecting with a younger audience
  • Making a lasting impact on audience
  • About accountability and feedback
  • The importance of your message



Sally talked about her observations at a Glennon Doyle Melton event in Minneapolis. She noticed that Glennon had set the stage to give off a casual, conversational vibe. Understanding what works best for her, Glennon wisely chose to sit down with an interviewer rather than speak from a podium. This impacted the way she felt on stage and how she connected with her audience.


Harriet shared about a time when she felt entirely alone in the midst of a great career. She posted on a Facebook group for women about trying to find a balance between family time, personal time and work. She took a leap of faith to open up about her personal life, which resulted in a great conversation with others who were in the same boat. This led to great revelations and friendships.