I got to see Glennon speak, and this is what I learned:


]Dang, I have a cool job!  It's MY JOB to go see amazing people speak! And, I have been waiting for this one. I got to see Glennon Doyle Melton speak. (Eeeee!!!) Or Momastery, as she is often known. She has my admiration, though she doesn't need it. But she has it. I truly believe she is doing important work in this world, just by being herself. From her writing to her work with TogetherRising to the Compassion Collective to her books to her Facebook writing to her Instagram wisdom. She is bringing more light and truth to this world. She is the epitome of brave and kind.(This is a picture I took of Glennon taking a picture of us... so meta.)

Have you ever heard Glennon speak? I hadn't ever seen her live (though I obsessively read her writing), but from what I've read and know and what she's talked about, this is not her native tongue. The way she'd much prefer to connect with you people is either one-on-one (i.e., not on stage) - or through the written word (which is her GIFT).

But here's what I was reminded of:

Adjust your space to work for YOU, to build on your strengths - and create the environment that you want.

"Glennon knows she is all of our BFF's. That's her thing or, her "pearl button".

So she set up the space to make it feel that way. Hanging out in a chair, chatting it up. Even though it was totally a "talk" - a true 50-minute presentation - because it was done in a chair, with comments and thoughts sprinkled in from the host - it felt like a conversation. With my BFF Glennon! It built on her strengths, and protected her from her challenges

Bottom line: Just do you; don't try and do it like anyone else. That's good advice for life, I think.

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