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TMM Find Your People Graphic
TMM Find Your People Graphic

I am a nerd.

Which is why I went to NERDCON: STORIES last week. Yes, a conference for "nerds" (aka, people who are passionate about something) who love stories. HELLLOOOOOO NERDS, MY NAME IS SALLY, HAVE WE MET YET??

I have always associated myself with the awesomeness of nerd-dom: Speech geek! Choir! Theater dorks! I like LOTR (Lord of the Rings, for you not-quite-as-nerdy people) and even watch Game of Thrones through my face-covering hands despite my aversion to violence because I read the books and I want to know what on earth will happen. My husband and I played the Star Wars anthem as our recessional at our wedding. Yup: NERD.

This nerdy story conference? I LOVED the speakers, and the delight of the audience at wonderfully witty things I caught only half the references to, and the sweet unselfconsciousness of smart people together talking about smart things that are creating meaning in the world.

It was a reminder to me of how important it is to find your people.

John Green - author of The Fault in Our Stars (omg, I love that book, I don't care if it was written for 15-year olds) spoke so honestly about how his Nerdfighters community has saved him. These are not just strangers on the internet who comment sometimes; these are people he's connected with, and who have become important to each other.

Seth Godin talks about tribes. I like Seth; he always makes great sense and challenges the way we work. He continually pushes us to focus on making a difference in your work, and for your tribe. The rest is sort of bologna. I try and subscribe to that line of thinking.

Guys, if you read this regularly - if you enjoy the show - and want to also create talks that move this world of mine - you are my people. Thank you! I am so grateful.

And I want my work to be making a difference for you. So please - if you have a question for me, ask it. If you think of someone who might like the show or to be a part of these kinds of "conversations" - send them here. And if there is something I can be doing to help, I want to do that. Just let me know!

I can't move the world by myself; but together, we can move mountains.

My best,