Episode 000 - On This Moved Me!

Hi all!  

It's been a wild ride.  One month of publishing podcasts - 6 of them, to be exact!  And over 1,300 downloads in this first month.  I'm grateful.  Thanks for joining me on this ride!


(If you haven't yet had a chance to head over to iTunes and Subscribe, Rate and Review the podcast - that is an incredible show of support, and helps to spread the word about the podcast!  Thank you so much to those who have done that already!)


Some of the questions I got this past month were - "So, what's this all about?" - and "How often will you publish?" - and "Have you ever thought of YOU doing more of the talking, and sharing more of what YOU think?"....etc., etc.!


All great ideas. I have a bajillion of them, too - many of which I want to see come to fruition.


The first is to publish this episode- which is podcast code for "Who I am and what I'm doing."  Honestly, I don't talk much about ME in this (I'm sorry, but I can't seem to not be Minnesotan about this), but if you haven't yet had a chance to sit down and listen to a full episode, this short 5-minute intro will let you know what This Moved Me is all about.


But!  As the end of the year approaches, I get into planning mode. And I've done me some plannin!  For those who are interested in where this whole podcasting thing is going, here's what's on the docket for This Moved Me:


1 - I'll be doing a This Moved Me Round-Up - with two amazing friends (one of whom you've heard on my very first episode, Ms. Rita Boersma!), where we'll share - and analyze - a few This Moved Me Moments, culling some take-aways for us as speakers and creators. Look for one of these by the end of the year - maybe even New Year's Eve!


2 - In addition to my longer interviews, I'll be publishing shorter, more tangible episodes, called "This Moved Me - Talk Tips" - where I'll boil down some key advice, either given to me or that I've learned over the years for some specific situations.  Like, I'm thinking about one on fundraising asks - such a critical form of presenting/pitching/speaking.  I'll call up a few of my mentors in this area and ask - What's the best "ask" you've heard and what made it so good?  Super tangible, shorter, and I hope really helpful for folks.


And Finally - I am super excited to experiment with some videos/vlogging/video-podcast concepts, where I'll analyze different talks, and share the key takeaways for us as speakers from them so that we can continue to improve what we do.


The key here is this:  If a good talk can move the world, then we better make them good.  


And, as I said in Episode 000 - I hope you'll always feel free to reach out and share your feedback with me.  Who should I be talking to?  What can I be doing better?  What kinds of topics do you want to hear?  Where am I missing the mark?  Where am I hitting the bullseye?  I love to hear from you.


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