Elizabeth Gilbert IS Big Magic


I'm in the middle of an Elizabeth Gilbert geek-out. Check this out:

But here's the truly wonderful thing: 

In that interview, Elizabeth and Marie take a little time to talk specifically about Elizabeth's process as a speaker. It's awesome. She talks about how she prepared, how she overcame her fears, her connectedness to the audience - and the HUGE amount of work required to stand on Oprah's stage and speak.

I culled the best part for you here: nearly 8 minutes of golden wisdom from LG. [vimeo 147328265 w=500 h=313]

MarieTV with Elizabeth Gilbert - How LG Prepares for Her Talks from Sally Zimney on Vimeo.

Clearly, LG's work is hitting at the heart of my - and hopefully your! - work. We are creators. Let's get out there and make something.

Love, Sally