015: Cathy Paper - On Becoming a Legend

Cathy Paper-  business owner of RockPaperStar, a company that launches authors, speakers and trainers to "rock star" status!  She is an expert at helping people develop their message, package it, and get it out into the world.

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A critical component of a successful speaker and launch:

Rather than your "unique selling proposition" - the better way of thinking about it is, What do you want to be known for? What makes you a legend? It's something that is very particular to YOU.

When someone says you were amazing - ask them WHY?.... those follow-up answers can help you discover what makes you a legend. (Dig into that drawer of fan mail and emails who appreciate your work.)

Remember that it takes a while to get going. Start with your fans; why do they like your book/your message?

Do speakers need a book in order to be successful?

No, but it's nice. Start small if it feels daunting. Maybe a white paper (what makes you a legend?). From there, you can outline a book, have a chapter in someone else's book, guest blog, etc.

What's a recent speaker launch that worked - and why did it work

Rabbi Hayem Haring and Ellie Rushner, who co-edited articles from rabbis from around the country. They were not sure how to promote this book. Ellie's a big blogger and has a big online following.

Used Cathy's 91 Day Traction Plan - marching through the steps of who's in your network already who might appreciate this book. The goal of the book is to start a conversation about Jewish experiences - and they realized they had a lot more people in their network who could promote the network than they realized.

We often don't have a lot of money to spend on PR; so we have to use our networks!

Your advocates can help you!  Ask them.

The importance of a LAUNCH DATE.

It's like training for a marathon; you pick the day of your launch (you can re-launch yourself as well!) - but what about the after-market?  Post-launch date?  This is often where the speaking comes in.

What's the Cathy Paper secret to moving people?

Connection. Empathy. Stories. Humor!



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The podcast SERIAL- finally got sucked in.  If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??  It's amazing, and may be completely transforming the medium of podcasting.  (Yes, it's that good...I'm obsessed and already anticipating season 2!)  But, you know, these are real people. It's not fiction. Ugh.

CathyPaper, M.A., helps you unleash your inner rock star. RockPaperStar, her firm of 8 years, markets select authors and promotes unique speakers to National status.  She has founded, launched and sold three companies: PaperPlus Recycling, JumpStartResults and Live Dynamite, and launched dozens of products and National bestsellers. 

Her quick wit and competitive spirit makes her a trusted advisor and repeat creative force for companies, individuals and associations such as Best Buy, Paramount Studios, Ameriprise, Harvey Mackay #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of Swim With The Sharks, Riley Hayes, and The University of Minnesota Carlson School.  Fun facts, Cathy won the MN High School State Tennis Doubles Championship and was voted MVP All New England in Women’s Rugby, although she has yet to teach her children all the rugby songs she learned.