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173: Matt Abrahams - On Speaking Up Without Freaking Out

Matt Abrahams is a passionate, collaborative and innovative educator, author, and coach. He is a lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where he teaches two very popular classes in Strategic Communication and Effective Virtual Presenting. Additionally, Matt is a professor of communication at De Anza College and an adjunct faculty member for Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. Also, Matt coaches entrepreneurs from around the world on pitching their ideas as part of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’s Ignite Program.

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171: AmyK Hutchens - On Delivering a Leadership Message Your Audience (Actually) WANTS

AmyK Hutchens is a speaker, teacher, trainer, entrepreneur and business strategist - and spends most of her year traveling around the globe speaking about leading a more productive and profitable life. She's a business and life coach whose job is to teach from the stage! She's got dozens of impressive accolades that clearly state she is a powerhouse - both on and off the stage. But I love that AmyK came to me from a referral from my friend and guest here on This Moved Me, Jenny Evans. Jenny insisted that AmyK would be great - and she was!

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168: MMM - On Creating the Best Worst First Draft of Your Presentation (Part One)

How do you write the best (worst) first draft of your presentation? Along with being a theater major in college, I was also an English major. I loved loved loved being on stage (I know), but I also loved to write. Little did I know I was basically creating for myself the building blocks of my life now. All I knew then was that I loved them both and didn’t want to choose. (Funny how I rejected the idea of being a communications major. Nope, didn’t want that.)

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167: MMM - On 4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Audience Connection

Today I want to talk with you about audience.

How do we prepare our content fora  particular audience?

It means that you are preparing a talk for a particular audience… and there are a few questions that I like to ask myself about my audience so make sure that it resonates..

That is the goal…

When our content resonates – it connects. And that’s the whole point!

Resonance and connection is what we’re going for.

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166: John Bucher - On Telling Your Story With Passion

John Bucher - a very difficult to define man of many talents (and he likes it that way) - spoke at the STORY Gathering in 2017, where I saw him share his passionate voice about story and myth. What was so great about that whole thing was that even BEFORE I saw him speak, he had volunteered to be my guinea pig speaker at my live coaching workshop. I mean... who does that? Believe me - that's a rare thing, to vulnerably walk into that space with a coach you've just met. Well, movers, that act connected me and John for life!

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165: MMM - How to Edit Your Talk (and still speak with depth)

So – you’ve got a hefty first draft, and now it's time to edit your talk.

Knowing we want to get to clear and concise… AND – at the same time, say something NEW.

Finding the SIMPLE and still saying something TRUE and – in some way – NEW.

Whooo, that is a challenge!

And what the editing process in creating a talk is all about.


It’s not JUST – cutting out the stuff you don’t like/don't need.

It’s a process of digging deeper… and getting clearer on what you actually, really truly mean…

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164: MMM - You Are Not a Writer

You are not a writer. You're a speaker! On the show today we're talking about how to successfully shift our focus away from the words - and more into the DELIVERY that comes more authentically from our bodies.

The words and content are often the 'safe' zone, and we can spend a LOT of time in there. Makes sense. Delivering it, especially in an "embodied" way, it becomes us more. It's a much higher-call, and it requires more from us.

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163: Gillian Ferrabee - On Speaking With Our Bodies

Gillian Ferrabee – performer, speaker, Cirque de Soleil alum and talent scout… Gillian is an experienced and wise stage presence! When I got to see Gillian speak at last year's STORY Gathering in Nashville, I was so taken at how grounded and giving she was as a speaker. There was no pretense. No ‘show' – even though she is such a skilled performer. She was present, in her body.

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160: Taylor Croonquist - On the Nuts and Bolts of Presenting Online

Taylor Croonquist - Co-Founder of Nuts and Bolts Speed Training, a PowerPoint training website and "oooh" and "aaaaah" creator - joined me on the show to talk about presenting online. Taylor is a "hack trickery" kind of guy - always finding ways to short-cut and 'break' what's not working well enough and find a way to do it better. And he and his wife Camille - along with the awesome P-Spice from Spicy Presentations - have created an online hub with over a hundred  YouTube videos and online courses about ways to make PowerPoint work better for you, and faster.

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159: Amena Brown - On Writing A Talk Like a Poet

Amena Brown - poet, author, speaker - is a powerhouse performer. I got to see her on stage at the STORY Gathering this past September, and immediately knew I wanted to have her on the show. She is brilliant, funny, passionate - and so incredibly thoughtful about her craft. What moved me so much about her work on stage is that she is a poet who speaks. She is a craftswoman - focusing on the power of words. And there's so much that we can learn from her on this.

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What Speakers Can Learn from Oprah's Golden Globe Speech

There's a lot of talk about Oprah's Golden Globe speech. And well there should be! Sunday night I actually sat down to watch the Golden Globes. Truth be told, I haven't been into award shows lately, probably because I haven't been into movies lately (see also: I have three kids and no time).

But, there was something that drew me in Sunday night.  And that something was Oprah Winfrey.

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158: Colin Stokes - On Why Talks Can Save the World

Colin Stokes - TED speaker, communications and marketing professional, proud Dad, and fellow high school speech geek - sat down with me to talk about the powerful platform of speaking as perhaps THE way we might be able to create change in this world.  

That's a big statement, but I happen to believe that speaking has a very specific potential to create change.

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Top 5 This Moved Me Episodes of 2017

It's nearly 2018 - and as is the standard at this time of year, 2017 wouldn't be complete without a summary post with some kind of top 10 (ok, let's just do top 5) list on it. I sometimes rail against top 10 lists! But (I have to admit) I kind of like them. They offer quick insight and give us a chance to step back and review some of the big moments of the year. (They are NOT great coaching tools; but they're great summary tools!)

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Five Presentation Lessons I Learned Giving a TEDx Talk

I’m a speaker and presentation coach.

Most people assume that because of that, I don’t get nervous.

Ha. Of COURSE I get nervous!

If I’m not nervous, I get nervous about not being nervous!  Nerves tell me I care, that I’ve invested myself, that this matters.

And there’s probably nothing in the speaking realm that feels more like it matters right now than a TED (or TEDx) talk.

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Josh Shipp: How to Challenge Your Audience (Without Being a Jerk)

Today’s post is from a speaker I worked with: Josh Shipp. Josh is an excellent speaker for kids and parents who has been highlighted on Oprah, CNN, Lifetime – and many other places. It was an honor to help him prep for his TEDx talk – AND – he brings to us today some insight into the process of bringing your voice to the stage in a way that both challenges your audience, and brings them along with you.  

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