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185: MMM - On Making the Point of Your Talk Crystal Clear

Articulating clearly the point of your talk is one of the most difficult areas for speakers to master. It is not uncommon to start your talk and pretty soon you have five talks within one actual talk! Sometimes the idea we are trying to articulate is complicated – our job is to make it easy for our audience. Keeping the audience in mind when narrowing the point of your talk is essential.

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184: Tony Loyd – On Becoming a Thought Leader

Tony Loyd – raido host, author, speaker and thought leader! – moves the world with his unique perspective on how to do well and do good at the same time. Like many of us may have felt at some point in our lives, Tony needed a change in his life. He decided to take the leap to go do what his heart was longing for – mentor others on how to live a life where profit and purpose are intertwined.

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183: MMM – On Finding Your Cheerleaders

One of my speakers, Josh, had texted me before a big talk he was giving in Germany. He stated in this conversation that he was nervous and requested that I send him some good vibes!

I told him to just have some fun! Joy is contagious and most people forget to bring joy to their talks even if it is about something serious. He proceeded to tell me that he was still nervous so I reassured him. I said, “Stick to what you do best. Trust in that, find a receptive face in the audience to connect with.”

So many times I have felt like I am not getting anywhere with my audience, I am not making that connection. Then to my surprise, an audience member will approach me afterwards and tell me something positive.

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181: Olivia Mitchell: On Getting Over the Fear of Disapproval

Olivia Mitchell – Presentation Trainer, Speaker, Introvert – aims to redefine the expectations of speaking. Living in New Zealand, Olivia uses her professional presenting skills to speak up about what she is passionate about.

Addressing real-world needs, Olivia sets out to use her voice to make a difference while helping others do the same. All of this – as an introvert. Olivia dedicates her craft to develop ways in which other introverts, like herself, can be just as confident and effective public speakers. She lives by the notion that anyone can speak with confidence despite the obstacles.

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179: MMM – On Repeating Our Content Without Being a Fake

Chuck Schumer’s repetition of his stump graduation speech was caught on tape… many, many times!… and put together, in one hilarious montage on John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight. (ps, I love this show – so smart and so funny)
When I saw this video… I laughed, and then I cringed…


Because it lifts the curtain on something people probably understand that speakers do… and yet, they don’t want to see it. Nobody does! Here’s how I felt: that whatever connection Chuck Schumer might have created in those speaking moments was now a joke. Because you realize that it’s not really … REAL. As real as Chuck may have felt about it, and as real as his audience might have thought it was.

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177: MMM - On Starting Your Talk With Perfection In Mind

In the last week, I’ve had several conversations with you about that moment when I’m asking you to stand up and give it a go… the moment when we’re trying this all on for size. All the words we’ve fussed over, the ideas we’ve thoughtfully and painstakingly clarified - dug deeper to to get it ‘just right’ - and then we’re at the moment where we’re putting it to the test. Taking it from theory to practice. And it feels like a big moment.

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176: MMM - Dear UnSpeaker...

An un-speaker is someone who might not define themselves as a speaker, and yet you speak! You are a change-maker - idea-driven, audience-focused, battle with wondering whether or not you’re ‘doing it right’, want to make an impact and understand that to be transformational, you must yourself transform at some level. You speak without being one of ‘those’ speakers…(a bore, a chore, a perfectly perfect snore).

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173: Matt Abrahams - On Speaking Up Without Freaking Out

Matt Abrahams is a passionate, collaborative and innovative educator, author, and coach. He is a lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where he teaches two very popular classes in Strategic Communication and Effective Virtual Presenting. Additionally, Matt is a professor of communication at De Anza College and an adjunct faculty member for Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. Also, Matt coaches entrepreneurs from around the world on pitching their ideas as part of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’s Ignite Program.

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168: MMM - On Creating the Best Worst First Draft of Your Presentation (Part One)

How do you write the best (worst) first draft of your presentation? Along with being a theater major in college, I was also an English major. I loved loved loved being on stage (I know), but I also loved to write. Little did I know I was basically creating for myself the building blocks of my life now. All I knew then was that I loved them both and didn’t want to choose. (Funny how I rejected the idea of being a communications major. Nope, didn’t want that.)

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167: MMM - On 4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Audience Connection

Today I want to talk with you about audience.

How do we prepare our content fora  particular audience?

It means that you are preparing a talk for a particular audience… and there are a few questions that I like to ask myself about my audience so make sure that it resonates..

That is the goal…

When our content resonates – it connects. And that’s the whole point!

Resonance and connection is what we’re going for.

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166: John Bucher - On Telling Your Story With Passion

John Bucher - a very difficult to define man of many talents (and he likes it that way) - spoke at the STORY Gathering in 2017, where I saw him share his passionate voice about story and myth. What was so great about that whole thing was that even BEFORE I saw him speak, he had volunteered to be my guinea pig speaker at my live coaching workshop. I mean... who does that? Believe me - that's a rare thing, to vulnerably walk into that space with a coach you've just met. Well, movers, that act connected me and John for life!

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164: MMM - You Are Not a Writer

You are not a writer. You're a speaker! On the show today we're talking about how to successfully shift our focus away from the words - and more into the DELIVERY that comes more authentically from our bodies.

The words and content are often the 'safe' zone, and we can spend a LOT of time in there. Makes sense. Delivering it, especially in an "embodied" way, it becomes us more. It's a much higher-call, and it requires more from us.

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163: Gillian Ferrabee - On Speaking With Our Bodies

Gillian Ferrabee – performer, speaker, Cirque de Soleil alum and talent scout… Gillian is an experienced and wise stage presence! When I got to see Gillian speak at last year's STORY Gathering in Nashville, I was so taken at how grounded and giving she was as a speaker. There was no pretense. No ‘show' – even though she is such a skilled performer. She was present, in her body.

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