Breaking Down the Wall With Rob Bell - Part Two: RESONANCE


Rob Bell Party - day two!  

Yesterday I shared how Rob is a master at curating the space to create more connection and intimacy.


And today is all about how he created resonance with us, the audience.


This is masterful pastoral rhetoric. Making it feel personal, as if he's talking to just me, rather than an entire room full of people.

It's a matter of pronouns.

For example: "Remember when you were little, and you ran after that ice cream truck on Sunday night like it was the last ice cream truck on earth?!..."


"It's so amazing to see kids running after the ice cream truck on Sunday nights like it's the last ice cream truck on earth!"

Simply by using a personalized "you" vs. a more generic you/we/us - it feels more connected. I can't help but step into that moment in my brain and envision it - which makes it feel personal. It helps it resonate.

It feels like he's talking to ME, not a room full of me's.

(I should note - there are times when a powerful "we" can be triumphant, rhetorically - but here he was going for conversation and intimacy - and the specificity worked beautifully.)


There's a whole broad scope of research and work about the power of story to bring the audience to you. I have written several talks on the subject, and it's a core passion of mine. There is just simply toooooooo muuuuuccccchhhh I want to say here to capture it in one small blog post (that's already quite long, sheesh) -

And I'm sure you know this already, but if it's not crystal clear to you already let me say this:

I see myself in you through your story. Story is the pathway to empathy.

And empathy is resonance.

Got it? (Now, telling a GOOD STORY?... that's a whole nother deal. So much to say!!!)


I know this through the RobCast, but Rob is a 7 on the Enneagram. As a fellow 7, I think I can say that one of the gifts that come with that type is a real connection to people. I can feel how an audience is feeling.

And so does Rob. To connect with an audience you have to be emotionally astute - emotionally aware  - and predict (and then learn) how your audience reacts based on what you do.

He spouts off on some physicist stuff - brilliant, mind you, but whoa - and then he acknowledges the "apple colored wheel spinny thing" happening in our brain. Yes.

As speakers, you walk your audience to a moment that you have created the emotional space for. This comes with practice and experience, and an astute awareness and care for the path you are taking your audience on.


So, as you head out creating talks that move the world... keep this in mind:

Your audience wants to know and connect with you. Personalize. Humanize. And walk them to the moment with you.


Tomorrow is our weekly episode with Jared Sherlock - magician and speaker who powerfully captures the paradox of creating illusion and being authentic. Whoo! Good stuff!

Then, on Thursday, we'll dive into Part THREE of the Rob Bell series... all about wisdom-bombs. That's right. Wisdom-bombs.