Bravely Sharing What We've Created


I'm reading Brené's (you know, THE Brené's) new book, Daring Greatly. Last night I read this line: "Sharing something that you've created is a vulnerable but essential part of engaged and Wholehearted living. It's the epitome of daring greatly."  Doing this work - or any work that you care about - can sometimes feel like a slog-fest. [That's not a word, but do you know what I mean?] Slogging up the hill, the day-in and day-out of the nitty-gritty. Tough work, hard work, work with love. I am just doing what I'm doing, and trying not to pay too much attention to the website traffic/Facebook engagement stats/download numbers.

But something happened last week: We're experiencing a bit of a growth spurt! How fun!

The great thing (or, maybe it's not great? Marketing peeps, please stop cringing!) is that I have no idea why. I joined some additional Facebook groups, I interviewed some great people, I did an interview myself... but I can't trace it to any one thing.

And I'm a little bit glad about that. I want to keep my focus on creating - and then sharing.

Like the brilliant Elizabeth Gilbert says in her TED talk - that's the deal with us and our creative endeavors. We don't get to decide what people love - or if people will share it widely and with enthusiasm - we just do our best to make good work that we love and that reflects what matters to us and our vision. It's our job to make it - and then, of course, to share it bravely.