82: MMM - On the Stumble Through


Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face when rehearsing is actually standing up and jumping in.

As a coach, I know all the signs... prolonged chit-chat, sudden stories of our kids, last-minute bathroom visits, extra goofing off, changes of subject... I know, I know - it's a challenging moment, when you have to stand up and say out loud these ideas that you've been playing with. It's the first time you are really putting yourself out there. And we put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

But what if we took off some of the pressure?  What if, instead of thinking of it as a rehearsal, we thought of it as a "stumble-through"?

What if we EXPECTED it to be rough?  If we embraced the fact that the only way to better is through, so this first time ? - well, this first time up on its feet is going to be bumpy. AND THAT'S OK!

In fact, it's awesome! It gives us so much information about where we need to focus our energies going forward.

Yes, it's humbling. Yes, it's vulnerable. But that's how we get to the good stuff.

So go ahead - and STUMBLE!