81: Michelle Evans - On Promoting Your Self (Without Losing Yourself)


Self-promotion is the woe of many of us speakers, entrepreneurs, creatives, authors... if we're creating something, we must also face the reality that if we want people to see this thing that we've created, well, we've gotta promote it. We've gotta promote ourselves. For many of us, that's no fun. And it's for sure a ton of work. My guest today, Michelle Evans, is a pro. Her career spans from working as highly sought-after talent at Microsoft to coaching newbies to help them get discovered and now creating her own business full-time. She is a speaker herself, and her message is on helping people like us find our audience. As she says, "You can't buy a secret." And though we know it's not all about people buying what we're creating, it's a wonderful gift to be paid for our passion. And luckily, Michelle has volumes of advice - not just for me - but for us all!


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TMM Michelle Evans Quote
TMM Michelle Evans Quote

Show highlights: On the Power of the Pratfall

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In the show we talked about: 

  • Michelle's story - from banking to .com to entrepreneur!
  • The discipline of the promoter - spend 20% creating and 80% promoting
  • Things you can do to promote yourself as a speaker and creative


TMM Michelle Evans Quote2
TMM Michelle Evans Quote2

This Moved Me Moments:

SALLY:  One of my all-time/rock your world, totally amazing books I've read recently is BIG MAGIC by the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert. It sticks with you, sinks into you - and will inspire and motivate you! If you are creating something, you've gotta read this! Thoughtful, beautiful and important.

MICHELLE:  The book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. Helped Michelle move from bringing value to helping people to action. Also some wonderful information about the psychology of how to keep an audience engaged. Some of the tips have made a huge difference for Michelle!

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