74: MMM - On the SASI Method, Part 1

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On this week's Mini Moved Me, it's about getting sassy.

Well, actually, it's about getting S.A.S.I. (Ha, see what I did there?)

Back in college in theater class, we talked about four key elements of theater: Space, Audience, Actor and Idea.

Well, as I dove into the world of speaking, I did my own translating of those concepts for us as speakers, to


These four elements are essential in preparing for a talk. I dig into a method of preparation that I use with my speakers - and with my own talks, as well. It ensures I don't get lazy - and that I've at least thought-through all the big questions.

And today's show is about the first S = SPACE. 

The concept of space is too often left for the last-minute, when you walk in the door.

We can do better than that. No - the space is so essential to all the rest of the elements that come after it that we have got to invest more time and energy into creating the space - adjusting the space - and controlling the space.

There are so many elements to think about - and each plays its part in creating the look/feel/vibe/tone:


-natural light






On and on and on....

MMM SASI Method Part 1 Quote

Think about how different an auditorium feels than a cafeteria. Or how different it feels to have the chairs in a circle than in a classroom set-up. Or how different it feels to be able to turn down the lights at one point - or instead be stuck with fluorescent lighting the entire time.

What will your space be like? What can you control? And what will you do to create the kind of space that gives your audience the kind of FEELING that you want them to have?

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