5 Must-Read Articles on our Beloved TED Talks


TED (and his talks). Do you love him as much as I do? (Don't tell my hubby.)

  • I got word that I'm giving a TEDx talk in October. I'm thrilled!
  • Last week I was helping a client refine his old TEDx talk, and turn it into new content. So fun!
  • I'm working with a new client who's giving his 2nd TEDx talk soon... exciting!
  • And, tickets are selling fast to the TEDx in my community that's just a few short weeks away. Aw yeah.

It's TEDx season, my friends! I love TED because it has brought thought leaders out of the shadows, and up on stage. It's idea-led, not speaker-led. And it has catapulted my beloved un-speakers into becoming more impactful and powerful leaders, and created real change in this world. That's what it's all about!

But I also have some criticisms for TED. For the sometimes canned and overly-intellectual nature of them. For the privilege it often embodies. And because I still haven't gotten my invitation to Vancouver!! (HINT, HINT, HINT.)

So, I thought it would be fun to pull together some pieces about TED to share with you, to get us in the mood, and to get ready to soak up the brilliance - and keep our eyes out for how we can make them even better.

Here are some a few articles from the archive here on This Moved Me that highlight some great moments at TED:

1 - What I learned from Ben Zander, TED speaker extraordinaire (one of my all-time faves)

2 - My feedback for Chris from TED... (he asked for it!)

3 - Lessons from TED: How not to be a shmoozy, motivational speaker

4 - Talk Review: Dan Pallotta's TED Talk

5 - And, if you've ever wanted to land your own TED talk...listen to this:

And! because I love TED Talk recommendations... here's a short list of some great ones, curated by Templar.

And, And, And! A recommendation from me: If you haven't seen this one yet, be sure you watch Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's TED talk on the Danger of the Single Story. It has stuck with me for years, and worth watching.

There are tons out there!

What's YOUR favorite TED talk? Why? Let me know!

I am cheering you on,