Podcast Episode 208: Why Leaders Need To Be Storytellers

On this week's episode of This Moved Me, neuroscientist Carmen Simon shares her tips for speakers to help them create talks that audiences remember.

Hi there, Movers!

We are at the end of a really fun series all about storytelling... and I hope it’s been a valuable experience for you!

Speakers are Leaders and Leaders are speakers!

I’M FIRED UP TODAY, MY MOVERS... So if this sounds like a bit of a rant/ass-kicking... I’m sorry. and yet not. Cause I think we need it.

Really quick, let’s define those terms cause I think they’re terms that some people cannot identify with...

Leader: Someone who leads others. If ANYONE looks to you for direction/vision on anything, you are a leader.'
Speaker: Someone who speaks. Please note: I did not say *someone with a best-selling book and who travels the world charging boat loads of money for their speaking fees.

So - by my guess that is ALL OF YOU.

You’ve heard me say this before, I’m sure - and it’s a realization I’ve come to over the last 20 years... that to become a better speaker - we have to become better leaders. And being a good leader means we need to be a great speaker.

I came to this realization because I was having these conversations with my speakers again and again all about the same ideas...
And then answering another big question - What is it that I REALLY want to say? And then getting clear on that.

Leadership - standing out front. Leading people.

And what I’ve learned and seen and been so FREAKING proud to be a part of again and again is that the PROCESS OF BECOMING A BETTER SPEAKER IS TRULY THE PROCESS OF BECOMING A BETTER LEADER.

We get clearer on what we believe.
We get clearer on our message - which means we also get clearer on what WORKS with our audience.
We get better at taking risks - we push ourselves into bigger moments with bigger potential and we make a BIGGER IMPACT.

And I know I’m probably speaking to the choir on this one...

But what about storytelling?

I mean - leaders want to speak because they have something to say, typically...

But a story to tell?
I mean - of course we have a story to tell! - but ARE WE WILLING TO TELL IT?

Standing up and sharing your story different to some folks, Lean on what we KNOW - no problem... but share what brought us to our knowledge? That struggle and failures? Too many leaders shy away from storytelling...

I want to make an argument for you why storytelling is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN YOUR SPEAKING TOOLKIT.

I mean - I know I’m a little obsessed over here right now - but anyone who is NOT investing their time and energy in developing powerful stories to use in their business is MISSING OUT ON IMPACT.

Precisely BECAUSE stories are riskier, more daunting, and require more skill and preparation to MAKE THEM MORE POWERFUL.

So - if you are not using stories in your speaking the way you could... I am here to take you to task and give you a much-needed kick in the pants to get your story game GOING.

And if you ARE using stories... I am already proud of you. Yes. Keep playing. Keep risking. Keep bringing you to the moment - not as a navel-gazing exercise, but because stories CONNECT.

Stories engage.

Stories persuade.

And stories are the place from which your business and message can grow and thrive.

My movers... this is where I’m going to nudge you. If stories are essential to your growth as a speaker and leader (and they are!) then I want you to join me in the Speaking Story course that is open for enrollment now... It’s an awesome resource for your storytelling. In it you’ll learn the ins and outs of what makes a story a moving story - and then HOW to create and deliver one! I throw it ALL in there, so there’s TONS of value in there for you...

Just go to speakingstory.com and sign up.

I cannot wait to help you LEAD better, and SPEAK better... and own your STORY MOMENT better.

You’ve got this.

www.speakingstory.com - See you there!

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