Podcast Episode 207: The Real ROI Of A Powerful Story

On this week's episode of This Moved Me, neuroscientist Carmen Simon shares her tips for speakers to help them create talks that audiences remember.

Hello, my Movers!

We’re in the final push for Speaking Story - FALL 2019 class... and if you’re listening to this as it comes out, you’ve got just a few hours before enrollment closes on 9/18.... and truth be told, I REALLY HATE PROMOTING STUFF.

But, I am promoting my a** off here!

I’ve literally spent the last 4 years on this podcast creating what I hope and believe is valuable, thoughtful, inspirational content that will help you create a talk that will MOVE THIS WORLD... for FREE. Oh my goodness, people I really like to create content and just put it out there and hope people will find it valuable.

And I’ve been pushed recently that I’m really not serving you well when I do that.

The truth is that when people INVEST in their development, they get better.

I’ve always seen this and known it to be true as a coach... the more I charge, the more engagement and commitment in the partnership. There’s skin in the game!

The same is true for our story development...
If we want to get better, if we’re SERIOUS about getting better - we have to put some skin in the game.

Right now, when I say that, the Midwestern Minnesota gal is kind of freaking out a bit... truly, I’m much more comfortable kind of saying - hey, I made this = hope you like it! And then... What happens after that? I dunno??

But my friend Tiffany from There She Grows sent me a Jenna Kutcher podcast, Goal Digger... She is a Minnesotan like me and was talking about the discomfort in selling... Maybe you’ve heard of her, or follow her and she inspired me to SELL BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN THIS. And I do!

If you have to sell stuff, this is an awesome episode worth listening to, and it has helped me get this message out there, even though I worry... ugh, are they annoyed by me? Is this pushing people away?

This is hard stuff, I’m not gonna lie. It’s incredibly vulnerable...

But I also believe in the power and value of story.

It’s hard to put marketing messages into a value.

I’ve helped people tell a story that landed a multi-million dollar deal.
I’ve helped people tell a story that went viral on YouTube and Facebook.
I’ve helped peoples stand in their own vulnerable story, and watched it move an audience - impact people - CREATE the emotion and feeling that ushers in change.

I can’t put a price tag on any of that.

So when people look at the price of Speaking Story and go... hmm - $497, that’s a lot... I agree. It is. I have sat there, like you, and thought - ugh, that will hurt the checking account. I will FEEL that...

And yet - the cost of NOT doing it... that is much bigger. You will FEEL THAT TOO.

The feeling of confidence, of clarity in your message - and connection to your audience... that is worth hours and hours of worrying, of failed attempts, of guessing games and living in the land of the SO-SO STORY.

No more. No thanks.

Your story - your message - your business and your idea.
If you want it to connect - stick - grow... then it needs a powerful story.

This Minnesota gal is getting OVER herself and is here to push YOU...

The ROI of a powerful story could be a million dollars - a viral video - and maybe most valuable of all: the attention and connection with your audience.

Let’s do this!

Come with me, let’s speak your story!

  • Speaking Story enrollment is almost CLOSED!

  • CREATE the emotion and feeling that ushers in change

  • YOUR story has value and power

  • When people INVEST in their development, they get better


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