206: The Biggest Questions I Get About Speaking Story

On this week's episode of This Moved Me, neuroscientist Carmen Simon shares her tips for speakers to help them create talks that audiences remember.

Hi, Movers!

Enrollment is open for the Speaking Story course -all about helping you connect with and convert your audience through story. Doors close September 18th - join now!

So - to get ready, here are some of the biggest questions I’ve gotten about the Speaking Story course…

Q: How long does the course take to get through?

This course in its entirety is here and ready for you when you are ready to dive in! So - your availability, determination, and focus will determine how quickly you're likely to get through the course and arrive on the other side with a more impactful story!

BUT - based on past experience with students, our estimation is that each module requires about an hour of video-watching time, and then another hour or so to complete your homework. (Along with the three basic modules of the course, there are two additional pre-course modules, and one follow-up bonus module). So - a good estimate is about 10-15 hours of time.

Q: Speaking is so... personal. How do I take these generic ideas and apply them to my specific situation?

One of the most common answers I have to people's questions about speaking is "it depends." :) But this course was designed to give you guideposts and structure to help you apply these expert tips and techniques to your specific audience, situation, and needs. We ask all the specific questions so you can be thinking through how to make the most of these ideas for YOUR specific moment.

Q: What if I’m not a performer, or actor? Can I still perform and tell a powerful story?

Yes! Too often us thought-leader-Joe/Jane speakers have shied away from using story for fear that we have to 'perform' them in some way that doesn't feel authentic. In fact, your personal experience and authentic approach - when we can marry that with the craft of storytelling - is the most powerful combination.

Listen: I want you to become more of a performer. To own the stage, your space, the moment - like great performers do. But perhaps not in the way you're thinking now. You will feel like a performer in a way that feels both crafted - and authentic.

Q: how is this course different from other story courses?

Speaking Story is a really unique combination of several things:

1) I'm a speaking coach that is focused on authenticity. I bring all of my expertise and knowledge to bear to give you as much structure and guidance as is helpful, but am not rigid in the process. Speaking is first and foremost a creative process - so you need a coach that can unleash your unique voice and approach.

2) I'm as passionate about delivery as I am about content. Some coaches are more focused on content, and others on delivery. I'm equally passionate about both, and love how they interact with and impact each other in the process.

3) I believe that Mindset is a huge part of showing up with authenticity and courage - and doing something powerful with the moments we have in front. I don't just know stuff - I'm also here to cheer you on and empower you to take your next big step!

Q: Yeah, but I keep taking courses and not finishing them!

I've been there! Sometimes, the timing isn't right or life offers distraction and other priorities that get in the way.

I totally get that. So, a few things:

1) This course is here for you. You have lifetime access. So - if you want to come back and finesse your stories in a year or so - I'm here!

2) I've set up a private Facebook group to help give some additional community support and encouragement.

If you want to some more serious accountability, for an additional fee to the basic course, you can join a Small Group Coaching Pathway or Private Coaching Pathway that will help you personalize the content. You can learn more about that here.

Q: What if I want some additional support?

Aside from the basic course, Sally will do a live Q&A in the Facebook group once a week, and offer support and encouragement all along the way.

But if you're looking for additional coaching - there are a few options. The basic course gives you everything you need to identify, prepare, create and share a more impactful story. But - sometimes having some additional coaching, trusted feedback and more personalization can give you some relief and gets you farther faster.

If you want some additional support beyond the basic course, you can take the Group Coaching Pathway, or the Private Coaching Pathway.

Q: How much access do I get to Sally?

Sally is the instructor of the course - and teaches all 50+ lessons within Speaking Story. Sally will also be in the TMM Talk Club community private Facebook group every day to offer support, encouragement, answer questions and generally keep you motivated. The private group will be active for about 6 weeks from the time the course cart closes until ~October 31st, and then will transition to more generic support beyond the course. (The group is private to all This Moved Me students.)

In addition to the support you get from Sally in the Talk Club, Sally will be live in the group each week for a Q&A where she can take your questions and personalize the content for you.

If you want more personalized coaching beyond that, you can take the Group Coaching Pathway, or the Private Coaching Pathway.

Q: Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up?

1. 50+ videos

2. A slew of industry bonuses: speaking business assessment, PowerPoint hacks, a mini training to help you find your every day stories, etc

3. A private Facebook group to help you

4. 6 weeks of LIVE Q&A's

I believe we can all use support in some way or another when it comes to applying speaking techniques to your specific audience, situation, and needs. Do yourself a favor and check out all my course has to offer!

It’s worth it, I promise!

  • Course Enrollment is now OPEN

  • Q: What if I’m not a performer, or actor? Can I still perform and tell a powerful story?

  • At the end I’ll share with you a bit about my course Speaking Story, to help you bring your story to life so you can truly MOVE YOUR MESSAGE, BUSINESS and AUDIENCE

  • Answering YOUR biggest questions about Speaking Story


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