149: MMM - My feedback for Chris at the TED Conference


I had the awesome privilege to go and see the TED Conference Opening Session/Event on Monday night.

Well, ok – I wasn't THERE. I was watching from a movie theater. Pretty much by myself.

This Moved Me TED Opening Session Feedback

It was still amazing to be there and see how it's all pulled together. Unbeknownst to many people, it is not just a litany of individual talks – it really is an event.

At the end, the amazing Chris Anderson (author and TED Conference curator and overall guru of life) asked for feedback from the millions of people watching online.

I was one of those people – and I am all about feedback!

So, I took him up on his offer.

This is the feedback I sent to Chris:

  1. Keep breaking the mold.
  2. Get the speakers off stage.
  3. Move towards integration rather than memorization.

These are some big ideas! Take a listen to the show to dig in with me.

AND, if you're interested in joining me for a course on INTEGRATION vs. MEMORIZATION, shoot me an email.  I am working on it.

Where are YOU at with TED?

Do you see the tension between the traditional TED talk and the new talks that seem to be breaking the mold a bit more?