136: MMM - On Quick Coaching!

Fairly consistently, I get requests to take a look at people's talks and send them some feedback. I feel so privileged they ask! It tells me they trust my ideas, trust that I'll be thoughtful in my response - and want to know what I think

Introducing: TMM Quick Coaching! Quick, personalized coaching to help you improve your talk and make a more tangible difference to your audience.

I was leading this workshop on persuasion a few months back, and got to the part where I ask a few brave folks to stand up and share this short talk they've been working on so I can coach them in front of everyone else.

When I first invite people up, it's typically a quiet and somewhat awkward 10 seconds. They're like... "Uh...?" [avoiding eye contact]... and I'm like "LET'S DO THIS!" (Imagine this with a big 'ol grin on my face, too.)

Within seconds, there's always some brave soul (probably someone who's uncomfortable enough with 10 seconds of waiting to take the leap) who gets up and shares.

I love these people. They are my heroes.

And I guess that's it. I love them!

And soon, they see that. They stand up and share their talk - and I get to do the thing I love to do: I coach. And they get a little better. Ten minutes later they sit down, probably a little relieved - but mostly proud, excited, curious, interested in more.

After this workshop, one of the quieter and more reserved participants said to the group, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really wanted to stand up there longer so I can hear more feedback from Sally about me!"

That meant so much to me, because I understand how hard it can be to invite in feedback from others. And yet, if we want to get better it's absolutely something we need to embrace and step into.

Giving honest and helpful feedback in a loving way to speakers has been my life's work for the last two decades. I've seen huge transformations in the process. But mostly I love these amazing people who stand up and share.

Since I started my podcast This Moved Me, I've consistently received requests from people from all over the world to have me look at their talks and let them know what I think. I am so honored by these requests - that they trust my feedback, and that they want to get better!

And I realized this was a need for so many people. So, I've launched - starting today! - TMM Quick Coaching - a way for speakers to get quick, personalized feedback from someone they trust to take the next steps on their speaking journey, without breaking the bank.

You send me a video of your talk; and I:

  • send you a summary of my feedback and notes - including ideas for improvement, thoughts on substance and style, content and delivery suggestions, etc. -
  • and a video from me explaining and contextualizing the feedback and cheering you on in the process.
  • You'll also get a folder of speaking resources just for you
  • And 30 days of email support from me to help clarify, follow-up and make the most of the coaching.

As one of my beta-testers said - which absolutely made my day - "At the end of the video, I felt loved."

I promise you it's not because I said, "I love you." If given well, feedback is about loving us into the best we can be. Turns out feedback IS love!

A few things to know:

  1. I can only take 4-5 people a month, and I'll schedule out into the future if there's demand. First come, first serve! If you want in, go for it!. [If it's full; just send me an email and I'll schedule you in for a future session.]
  2. I am starting this introductory rate at $249. Normally, my partnership coaching fees range from $1500-$9000 (or more), depending - and my estimated value of this service is around $500 - so take advantage of this intro rate!
  3. And finally - email subscribers get a discount! If you want to join the TMM community - just sign up below, and I'll send you the discount code you can use at the checkout. #rockon #Oprahsgotnothingonme #subscriberrateforyouandsubscriberrateforyouandsubscriberrateforyou!

Whether or not you jump in on this Quick Coaching - I hope you have a coach in your life who you can trust to give you honest and helpful feedback. We all need a coach!