022: Mini Moved Me - How to Give a Great Ask:

Welcome to another "Mini Moved Me" - an occasional "mini" version of our weekly podcast, This Moved Me, where we get into the nitty gritty of "how" we do what we do. Over on This Moved Me, the podcast format is a long-form casual interview/conversation. But the "mini" version is just bite-sized. Some of the Mini Moved Me's will be shorter interviews (like this one today!) - but some will be simply a "talk tip" - a simple idea to keep ensuring that we're creating talks that move the world.

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Today we're focusing on how to give a great ask.

How to compel and inspire people to give money, get involved, join your cause, etc.  Asks are a huge part of social innovation, essential for social impact and nonprofit work - and a really difficult thing to do well.

Over the last 15 years, I've written or coached nearly a hundred asks - and here are the big three ideas to keep in mind to ensure you give a great ask:

1.  STORY.  What is the story you're telling?  Whose story are you telling? Give them something to care about.  Does it show impact?  (You want to show it's working, of course.)  Does that story resonate and connect?  The story is probably the most essential element as you are building your ask.

2.  SUCCINCT.  Once you get to the part where you're asking for money, don't dance around it. Get to the point quickly. Ask humbly and directly.

3.  SPECIFIC.  If you have a specific need, you will have more success than a general ask. Like - Your money will go towards building a new health clinic. There's a problem, yes - but we have a specific solution that really works.

There are so many other complexities to giving a great ask - but hopefully this will start you in the right direction!