Your Turn Challenge Day 4: Preparation = Hutzpah

Seems obvious, of course - but whether you're a professional speaker who speaks several times a week or you simply find yourself speaking in front of people every once in awhile - the equation is the same: Preparation=Hutzpah. We prepare so that we might have the confidence to fail well. So that we can freaking walk in and go for it, whatever happens.

Hutzpah. To deal with–and be present with–whatever comes your way.

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As a professional, I have sometimes made the mistake of thinking that my experience allows me to prepare less. That is sometimes true–though often not–and I always regret it when I don't put in my time. But that is not the typical story. Most often, it's the opposite, and it's what has built my consulting practice over the last several years: I spend most of my time building up the confidence of my speakers so that they might be willing–might DARE–to risk themselves. The beauty of speaking is that it is live theater (as thrilling as watching a TED talk is online, it's nothing like being in the room). Speaking is stepping into the unknown; it's an exchange between humans - speaker and audience. It can be thrilling, and/or it can be alarmingly nerve-wracking.

And I guess the point is you can never know when all that preparation will be necessary. We don't prepare so that when the absolutely perfect speaking scenario plays itself out for you, you rock it - as expected!  (Although preparation's the only way to ensure that you rock it. You know that, right?) No, we prepare so that when things go terribly wrong - which they sometimes do - you can trust yourself, trust your content, and trust that you've got this.

(On the other hand, confidence without preparation is improv.  But that's a whole 'nother topic.)


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