192: On Knowing When Your Story Needs to be Told

On this week's episode of This Moved Me, neuroscientist Carmen Simon shares her tips for speakers to help them create talks that audiences remember.
Tell your story from your scars... not your scabs.
— Brené Brown

I remember watching this really famous speaker once tell a story that I KNEW she wasn’t ready to tell yet. It was too much - too powerful, still - still too emotionally raw… 

(And I’ve also seen speakers who are so far beyond their stories - that it doesn’t have any emotional resonance left. They’ve told it too many times, it’s lost its power for them… there’s no emotive connection left. It’s been used up. )

What struck me was that she was telling the story because she NEEDED to. It was a part of HER healing. And that’s not nothing. 

Would I recommend it? Nope…. 

There are those stories that we’re just not ready to tell yet because we ourselves aren’t healed enough. Listen to that instinct. It may not be ready yet. It might be too raw. 

So how do we know when a story is ready to be told?

When we have perspective, wisdom, when we have LEARNED something. 

When you have something to share that might HELP an audience? Well, then it’s your job to share that story. Even if it scares you. 

I think each story we have lived and choose to tell has an AHA MOMENT in it. 

that moment when you REALIZED something. 

Most of the time, we don’t know those moments until much later, until we’ve done some work of processing it, until it has become significant in a way that we weren’t expecting.

When you have a realization - a lesson - an INSIGHT  - an AHA that took you by surprise, that sent you in a new direction...that is a story that is waiting to be told. 

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