185: MMM - On Making the Point of Your Talk Crystal Clear


Articulating clearly the point of your talk is one of the most difficult areas for speakers to master. It is not uncommon to start your talk and pretty soon you have five talks within one actual talk! Sometimes the idea we are trying to articulate is complicated – our job is to make iteasy for our audience. Keeping the audience in mind when narrowing the point of your talk is essential.

As speakers, we are meaning makers. We are trying to convey a new idea and bring meaning to that, which is why delivering it in a simple way is crucial. To effectively do this, the point of your talk must be these three things:

  • Clear
  • Meaningful
  • Intriguing

Now, here is the challenge! I believe that in order to achieve an effective talk, you should be able to pass the 7/7 test! You should be able to articulate the point of your talk in 7 seconds so that a 7-year-old can understand it.

What you are speaking about matters! The quicker your audience can understand and care about the idea you are conveying, the more likely they can take it on for themselves.

To have your audience understand what you are saying, you must be clear and concise so they get the idea! I have found especially that being clear with what you are saying can also act as a powerful editing tool. You weed out the unnessecary information that would maybe be better off as it’s own talk. Not to mention, a clear talk will have you absolutely shinning through your delivery. If you can get clear about your talk, the process of integrating it into your body and mind is so much easier. This leaves more room for your passion to radiate through your words and less room for long tangents!

With all of this said, it is important to recognize that getting clear with your talk is by no means easy. Be patient! Always start your talk with the intention of getting better and more clear. With time and practice it will come and you’ll be passing the 7/7 test with flying colors.

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