183: MMM – On Finding Your Cheerleaders


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One of my speakers, Josh, had texted me before a big talk he was giving in Germany. He stated in this conversation that he was nervous and requested that I send him some good vibes!

I told him to just have some fun! Joy is contagious and most people forget to bring joy to their talks even if it is about something serious. He proceeded to tell me that he was still nervous so I reassured him. I said, “Stick to what you do best. Trust in that, find a receptive face in the audience to connect with.”

So many times I have felt like I am not getting anywhere with my audience, I am not making that connection. Then to my surprise, an audience member will approach me afterwards and tell me something positive.

After this little pep talk, Josh let me know how important my words were to him. Today, giving each other that last minute pep talk over text can be just the thing we need to help push us to success. It is so much easier with texting how we can send words of encouragement anytime and anywhere to be there for our friends.

We could all use this type of support in whatever we are doing. That last minute note of encouragement can mean all the difference! Yes there is still so many other ways to show support but a quick note cheering each other on can mean the world! Especially in the world of speaking where sometimes you can feel an overwhelming sense of nerves and fear.

It is SO important to have support systems in this work. Being able to send a text to my speakers the day of their talks with some last minute love and cheer is very special.

So, Movers – who is your cheerleader? Who is that person you can reach out to and say, “wish me luck!”

If you have your cheerleader in mind, I want you to reach out to them and let them know how appreciated they are. If you do not have a cheerleader, I want you to get out there and find one! Your cheerleader needs you just as much as you need them. We could all use some type of support system so don’t be afraid to reach out.

A call to action:

Now listen closely, Movers! If you have your cheerleader – I want you to head on over to my Instagram @ThisMovedMe and tag this person! Let them know that their cheering you on has made an impact on your speaking and who you are. Then, in the show notes for this episode 183, you are going to download an “I appreciate you” little love note for this person. Lets show some gratitude for the ones who love us when we need it the most! Lets cheer on our cheerleaders!