182: MMM Q&A – How do I get better at storytelling?

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Movers, this episode is all about something every speaker should aim to master in their talks.

My friend Scott reached out and asked me, “I wanna get better at being a storyteller with my talks, any recommendations?”

When we give a talk, I think it is safe to say we all want our audience to feel something when it is over. We want to inspire them, motivate them and not only make them understand how we truly feel, but show them. We want to MOVE the audience with our stories!

In order to help others share their stories most efficiently and to answer Scott’s question, I came up with my top five recommendations for becoming a master at the art of storytelling!

1- Get specific! Story telling is recreating a moment that leads the audience into experiencing it with you as you are telling it. Details are crucial in making this a reality when telling your story!

2- Make sure we as an audience can see it, not just hear it. If you want your story to leave a long-lasting impression on your audience, give them a picture in their head of what you are saying. Make them visualize the story you are sharing.

3- Play with past and present narration. This is an easy way to really bring the story to life – making the audience feel like this is actually happening right now and they are a part of it!

4- Edit with the audience in mind. As speakers, you want to do your best in making your audience visualize what you’re saying and details play a huge part in making this happen. However, it is important to keep the audience in mind in a way that you don’t lose them throughout the process of telling your story. Don’t drown your audience in unnecessary detail! Prioritize what is absolutely necessary to portray in making your story come alive.

5- Remember that you are the creator of the meaning of the story. Don’t get so caught up in trying to deliver your story that you lose sight of the purpose and point you have! This is your chance to take your words and create meaning with your story – remember that!


With these recommendations, you will be on your way to moving your audience through storytelling! Focus on the meaning behind what you have to say and let that shine out of you giving your audience an outlet to truly visualize the story.

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We are living in a time where storytelling is so important. Stories can connect us with others in a way where they can share in our struggles and triumphs. They can feel what we feel and know that we are more similar than we may think.


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