176: MMM - Dear UnSpeaker...


A little note to you, my UnSpeakers…  

So, to start… an un-speaker? What is that?  

An un-speaker is someone who might not define themselves as a speaker, and yet you speak! You are a change-maker - idea-driven, audience-focused, battle with wondering whether or not you’re ‘doing it right’, want to make an impact and understand that to be transformational, you must yourself transform at some level. You speak without being one of ‘those’ speakers…(a bore, a chore, a perfectly perfect snore). A speaker who breaks the mold, who rejects the myths of what speaking is or what we think it should be, who is going for - above all - AUTHENTICITY, CONNECTION and COURAGE.  

If that’s you. Then guess what? You’re an un-speaker. 

And I think it’s time we define it a bit more. Own it. There is a particular memorable power in the UN-speaker. People don’t forget un-speakers! 

Because many of us don’t own the title of speaker… SPEAKERS are getting paid big bucks, SPEAKERS wear fancy suits and travel first class - SPEAKERS have a book they’re selling. 

(I mean, I do believe we all have a book inside us, just like we all have a TEDx talk inside us…and if you can sell that, awesome!) 

And there are plenty of us out here who speak, but aren’t SPEAKERS. 

But I know for some of you - you ARE a SPEAKER, or consider yourself one. 

And to you, I say - congratulations! Making a living speaking is HARDer than it looks, and I am cheering on your determination and success!

But SPEAKERS, a word of warning… if you’re not grounded in the process of improvement or focused on the present moment - if you are doing your schtick because it’s easy and lucrative, focused on PERFECTION rather than CONNECTION…you are not having the impact you think you’re having. I promise you that. Too much of your audience is walking away and you slip right from their mind… 

Let me be clear: 

UN-speaking has nothing to do with experience level. Expertise. Professionalism. 

I’ve seen the President (not this one!) have a real, connected, courageous, authentic moment. Un-speaking!

And I’ve seen kids speak with too much perfection and canned panache, and I felt NOTHING. It was SPEAKING in its most common form.  

Un-speaking is about moving our audience. 

There are plenty of SPEAKERS who need to UN-do their thinking and transform their approach… and focus on being UN-SPEAKERS. 

I’ve been calling you “movers” for nearly three years. Nearly 200 episodes! But I’m switching it up. 

Starting today, you are my UN-SPEAKERS! And I love you! I really do. 

I’m so grateful for you being here with me on this journey - for jumping in and sharing the passions and ideas and movements that you are creating… and for digging deep to transform your approach… so you can move your audience. 

I am cheering you on.