175: Tamsen Webster - On How to Get Your Audience to Change


Tamsen Webster – speaker, presentation strategist, TEDX producer, messaging guru – brings her delightful spark to our conversation about how to not just get your audience to listen… but how to get them to ACT.

Tamsen Webster is an acclaimed keynote speaker, “idea whisperer,” and message strategist. She combined 20 years in marketing, 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader, and four years as Executive Producer of one of the oldest and one of the largest locally organized TED talk events in the world into a simple structure for understanding, talking about, and creating lasting change. As a result, she is an in-demand consultant on finding the ideas that move people to action.


On the show, we talked about:

  • What Picasso has to do with the evolution (or not) of our talks
  • How Tamsen has come to find peace with the creative process
  • How Tamsen stays engaged with her content
  • The essential ingredients required to really change the way your audience sees – and so will act!


I have fallen in love with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's beautiful and moving to see these hilarious and talented and sweet men walk into a totally different world and find connections. This show gives me hope for the world!



Jack Black singing the national anthem!
Because he was true to the material, and true to the context and moment.
Authenticity: there's no gap between who he is and what he is doing.

When what you say, who you are, and how you say it are all in tune – that's how you move people!