174: MMM - On the Painful Process of Creating New Content


There is a big, gaping space between where you are right now, and where you want to go. So, how do we get there? And there’s been a refrain I’ve been hearing… and not just from these clients, but from any of my clients who are really digging in deep with me.

And that is… something like:

wow, this sucks.
This is hard.
This is taking a lot out of me.

I did have one beloved client say to me - with so much love, I had to laugh! - as she was really in the midst of doing some really big work to find the real core of what she wanted to say… she said, “Uagh, Sally! I HATE YOU”

That felt strangely right, because there is a moment when my speakers look at me as if I’ve betrayed them somehow… and the only thing getting us to the end point is TRUST…

“Trust the process”

It’s a well-worn phrase, I’ve heard it a lot, and I use it a lot. And it’s not something you want to hear when you’re in the middle of the process.

But I can say this about ‘THE PROCESS’ - when you’re at the point of trusting the process you have two options; You can either stop. Or keep going.

If you keep going, you’ll get to the other side.

It’s like this with my speakers… I’m often the person standing with you on the edge of the big canyon… And when I know you’re ready, I give you this push… and you go tumbling down the hill… rolling, head over heels over head…

But that’s one of the things… you’re at the bottom of the canyon - and you’ve tumbled there, remembering stories, throwing out quotes and lines and ideas and phrases and it’s like tumbling into… where?

Where are we NOW? Where do we go from HERE?! Why did you push me to this place?

But I meet you at the bottom of the canyon, (As the coach, I get to take the path that’s been worn down by many other times I’ve been down to the bottom of the canyon with lots of tumbling speakers)… I wander down there much more calmly… I watch as you tumble - don’t worry, I make sure it’s not too rocky, or too

Because somehow you have to get there. And once you do…

You look at me with these bewildered, wild -and often really tired - eyes… Some people look at me with panic: this isn’t going to work. We’re never going to get out of here.

But here’s the thing: it’s amazing what you can see from the bottom of the canyon, and how many places you can go from there! It offers perspective. And clarity about how to get out…

There’s no easy bridge across the canyon. Well, sometimes people offer a bridge across the canyon. A shortcut - a well-used formula. I have some formulas, too…

But they all involve some level of tumbling.

Getting dirty and rolling towards the bottom is how you discover what it’s really all about. It’s how you dig deeper.

The easy path is too easy to create something meaningful, transformational - or moving.

It only works if you tumble down.

But when you get to the other side of that creation… The view is magnificent, cause you know how spectacular it all looks… how it REALLY looks… from the bottom of the canyon, from the other side before you took the leap - or before I pushed you -

and that EXPERIENCE is what can reveal the wisdom you have. The truth underneath the truth the CLARITY of voice, of point of view.

So, movers - get out there!