170: MMM - On Creating the Best Worst First Draft of Your Presentation, Part Three

You wrote a shitty first draft. Congrats! Then you walked away. AWESOME!

Now... now what? What do we do?

You've still got the kitchen sink, and it's all swirly-whirly and NOT CLEAR. How do we get a little closer to CLEAR??

Here's what you do:

You share it.

Share it with someone who can listen well, and listen thoughtfully.

You want to ask them two basic questions:

  1. What is most compelling?
  2. And what don't I need?

What's interesting?

What's scrappable?

But most importantly: keep connected to your GUT.

(And for more insight into how to handle and filter feedback, check out my Feedback series. It's gotta be honest AND helpful.)